Director Profile #2: Mark Fossen & Some Links

The director-to-director interview series that I began last week on 2amt continues with Mark Fossen, a freelance director in Salt Lake City, UT. Check it out.

The current production of The Tempest directed by Robert Sturua at Moscow’s Et Cetera Theater does, indeed, look visually stunning!  As someone who has read, seen, reviewed, and taught the play many times, I really appreciate the aural and scenic freshness of this production.  Yet, I do wonder how well this interpretation conveys the ‘story’ of the play to someone who has never read or seen it before.  Since its founding in 1992, Et Cetera Theater has earned a reputation for brave experimental work.  It was the first company in Russia to mount Alfred Jarry’s 1896 surrealist work, Ubu Roi (which, incidentally, my company, Thinking Cap, will mount next year).

This piece in The Guardian by West End producer Anna Waterhouse on why she chose to do the world premiere of Neil Labute’s In a Forest Dark and Deep is an interesting read.

George Hunka on Beckett’s last play, What Where.

*Featured Image: “Homeless Man,” 2008. By Blek Le Rat. Spray paint on metal. Inspired by graffiti artist saw on NYC streets in 1971.


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