Metablogging: Drama Daily’s 2009 Recap

Metablogging: Drama Daily’s 2009 Recap As 2009 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the plays and topics Drama Daily has covered and what lies ahead for this theatre blog.  Since its inception last March, this blog has discussed and/or reviewed approximately 40 plays, which are listed below in ABC order by author’s last … Continue reading


Links Thank you to George Hunka for this post over at Superfluities Redux, which directs our attention to an interview of Sarah Kane by Dan Rebellato (Professor of Contemporary Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London). This 65-minute interview from November 3, 1998 was likely her last interview before her death in February 1999.  Just a reminder to South … Continue reading

No ‘Ruhl’ Book: In The Next Room (Review)

No Ruhl Book: In The Next Room (Review) Sarah Ruhl has made a name for herself as a playwright of magic realism, depicting human mundanity with clever and, okay, quirky twists of language and landscape. In her most recent play, however, she has, in a sense, left behind the ‘Ruhl’ book that characterized her previous plays. … Continue reading

Onstage Nudity: Bare Necessity or Barely Necessary?

Onstage Nudity: Bare Necessity or Barely Necessary? Nudity on the stage is nothing new.  But while bare bodies will always possess the power to (a)rouse, titillate, their ability to shock an audience or make a work appear modern or edgy has been dulled by frequent, arbitrary and/or gratuitous (mis)use. Some plays call for partial or full … Continue reading

“A Gay” in Every Play ?

“A Gay” in Every Play “? It feels like every play (and film) I see these days has a gay or a lesbian character.  And this is not counting the Shakespeare productions that camp up or make effete a clown or a fool.  I am trying to decide if this is cause for celebration–because it … Continue reading

Late: A Cowboy Song by Sarah Ruhl

Late: A Cowboy Song by Sarah Ruhl A few weeks back I had my first encounter with Ruhl’s “The Clean House,” and I was all prepared to write a post with a punny title, something to the effect of ‘Sarah Ruhl’s “Clean House” and My Dirty Condo,’ but then I got caught up in the … Continue reading

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