Circle X’s Premiere of Sheila Callaghan’s “Lascivious Something” in LA (Review)

Back in 2002, when South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa, CA, commissioned Sheila Callaghan’s latest play, Lascivious Something, a Dionysian drama set on a Greek isle vineyard in November 1980, just as Reagan took office, audiences had not yet met with films such as Sideways and Bottleshock that wax witty and wise on the same … Continue reading

Ann Marie Healy’s “Dearest Eugenia Price”?

I’m just starting to familiarize myself with Ann Marie Healy’s plays. I have begun with reading Dearest Eugenia Price, a three character play about love  and loss and truth and fiction .  The play is set in the remote Michigan home of Mister Blind Johnny Knoll (MBJK), whose name points to his literal visual impairment.  However, … Continue reading

“Name that Play” Revealed

“Name that Play” Revealed There was no shortage of revivals of traditional holiday plays, not to mention adaptations, parodies, and spin-offs of this repertoire, all over the country this season.  Holidays, after all, are perfect settings for plays because they are inherently so dramatic, so action-packed, so climactic, so emotional.  Throw some spiked eggnog, pretty … Continue reading

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