Why’d You Pick This Play?

My Fort Lauderdale-based theatre company, Thinking Cap Theatre, is currently midway through a four week run of the Florida premiere of Cleansed by Sarah Kane.  During post-show conversations with guests, I have found myself regularly answering the question: Why’d you pick this play? I wish now that I would have put this question back to … Continue reading

Theatre and the ‘Art’ of Influence

Influences on playwrights and theatre practitioners run the gamut. Everyday life experiences are an obvious influence.  History, another.  Politics, psychology, religion, science, too. Whether we care to acknowledge it or not, other playwrights, practitioners, and companies inevitably influence the theatre we create. We are also influenced by other kinds of art and media apart from … Continue reading

S/HE Remount at Black Queer Arts Festival: This Sunday, February 27th

Don’t miss Thinking Cap’s remount of S/HE by Nick Mwaluko this coming Sunday, February 27th, 5pm at The Pride Center in Fort Lauderdale (2040 N. Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors, FL 33305). The event is free to the public. S/HE is about the journey of a man living in a woman’s body that compels audiences to … Continue reading

Thinking Cap’s New Home on the Web

We still have some refining to do, but our company’s home on the web is up and running.  Take a look: http://thinkingcaptheatre.com

MilkMilkLemonade at Empire Stage-LAST CALL & Production Photos

Our five-week run of Joshua Conkel’s new play MilkMilkLemonade closes this weekend.  If you haven’t seen it, you can still redeem yourself by catching one of our four remaining performances (see below). If you don’t make it in, shame on you for passing up one of the more charming, unique, and hilarious shows around, a … Continue reading

Metacriticism: Making Lemonade Out of A Lemon Review

What do you do with a negative review?  Burn it? Ignore it? Paper the critic’s house? (Don’t worry, I’m not going to do this.) Get creative with captions?: “Read what the critics are not saying about…” It is never easy to be on the receiving end of a negative review.  Trust me, I know firsthand. … Continue reading

Mario Betto of Ft. Lauderdale “Examiner” Interviews Conkel & Stodard about MML

Check it out.

All the Cool Kids Will Be There

Join us this evening at 8pm at Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale for a night of fun, edgy, unpretentious theatre and a post-show prom-themed party with the playwright, cast, and crew. Free food and drinks will be provided by our sponsors. Tickets $25; Industry $15; Dress in Drag, Pay half price

“MilkMilkLemonade” at Empire Stage on FAU’s OWL Radio

Tomorrow from 11am-Noon, Allie Rivenbark (AKA Linda the Chicken) and I have been invited to discuss our current production of Joshua Conkel’s MilkMilkLemonade on Florida Atlantic University’s OWL Radio. Listen in! Conkel will be in town from Brooklyn for the Saturday, June 5th performance–join us at 8pm for the show and Post-show Prom-inspired Party. Reservations … Continue reading

$10 Tickets to MilkMilkLemonade Previews

South Florida Theatregoers, Use the discount code PREVUE to purchase $10 tickets online at SmartTix for next week’s preview performances (Thurs. 5/27 & Fri. 5/28) of MilkMilkLemonade at Empire Stage.   The discount code will be available for a limited time.   Preview tickets will be $20 (cash only) at the door.

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