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  1. You may want to write about MoLoRa – see http://www.cultureproject.org.

    Written by a South African woman, actors-singers from South Africa. In NYC in July. The play merges the Electra legend with South Africa’s alternative to the bloodbath we all expected.
    Tita anntares@yahoocom

    See below or, better, check out the website.

    Save 30% with code: CP5030

    $30 for previews and matinees (reg. $45); $50 for evening performances (reg. $75)
    *Discount does not apply to opening night (July 6)

    Performances June 30 – July 24; Opening Night July 6
    Tuesday – Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2pm
    For full performance schedule, visit MoLoRa.org or call 866-811-4111.

    The Ailey Citigroup Theater
    The Joan Weill Center for Dance
    405 W. 55th Street at 9th Ave.
    New York, New York 10019

    Video Interview with Yael Farber, Creator and Director of MoLoRa

    Photo: Ruphin Couzyer
    Set after the fall of apartheid, South African playwright and director Yael Farber’s MoLoRa re-imagines the ancient Greek Oresteia to tell the story of her own country’s painful and extraordinary transition to democracy. As Klytemnestra and Elektra- mother and daughter, perpetrator and victim-sit to face each other in an open hearing, MoLoRa reenacts a watershed moment in world history, illuminating the universal and excruciating choice for any victim: to seek revenge or choose forgiveness.

    Playing the role of chorus, the women of the world-renowned Ngqoko Cultural Group underscore the performance with haunting throat singing of the Xhosa tradition. Hailing from deep in rural South Africa, these guardians of a dying musical tradition bear witness as the crimes of apartheid are viscerally remembered. A relentless examination of the spirals of violence, MoLoRa is a celebration of the courage to choose forgiveness and find a path to reconciliation.

    “This is art from the gut. I cannot recommend it highly enough”
    – London Times

    For Tickets and Information visit MoLoRa.org, or call 866-811-4111.

    WCS Recommends

    HERE’s Dream Music Puppetry Program presents:

    B A N N E R S & C R A N K S
    a cantastoria festival

    Curated by Dave Buchen & Clare Dolan

    Pre-cinematic technology takes over HERE for a week of contemporary cantastoria, cooked up by puppeteers, artists and craftspeople from across the country. A millenium-old art form is rejuvenated and re-imagined, as performers animate paintings and banners alongside texts, puppets, jokes, songs and stories.

    Each unique program features several original shorts on a given theme such as: Boom or Bust, Phobia & Fetish, or Sink or Swim

    June 22-26

    $15 TIX | Use code: blast15

    WCS Recommends

    The Classical Theatre of Harlem presents
    Henry V
    Written by William Shakespeare

    Explore the brutally thoughtful, fiercely funny, belligerent diplomacy of King Henry V with The Classical Theatre of Harlem. Our young King Henry V takes the throne, his dying father’s advice to “busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels” ringing in his ears. His reputation as a fun-loving lad who’s lived among the common folk inspires love from commoners and disregard from his enemies. Join CTH’s powerful exploration of what it means for a king to bear the burdensome expectations of the crown – and the people to bear the expectations of the king – as Henry V works to win the hearts of all.

    “If there is a more dauntless ensemble in New York, I don’t know what it is.”
    – The New York Times

    “CTH Reconfirms itself as one of the gustiest and physically fearless groups around.” – Time Out New York

    Mt. Morris Park: August 5th and 6th at 8 pm.
    East River Park: August 26-27, 8 PM; August 28, 3 PM
    The Malcom X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial Center: August 8, 10-13, 17-20, 23-28, 31-Sept. 4th – 8 PM
    Additional matinee performances: August 13-14, 20-21, September 3rd, 3 PM

    To reserve your ticket, please visit classicaltheatreofharlem.org or call (347) 688-6304.
    Mention code: HENRYCTH and save 50% off the regular ticket price!

    WCS Recommends

    use code CPGERM at SmartTix for 20 buck tix through 6/26!*

    4 efflorescent “GERMS” of specially-commissioned highly theatrical new works – presented together in 1 cohesive, sensical, absolutely entertaining production with a delightful “to-be-continued” aesthetic!

    written by Kara Lee Corthron / directed by Kara-Lynn Vaeni ALICEGRACEANON

    written by Lynn Rosen / directed by Shana Gold
    GOLDOR $ MYTHYKA: A HERO IS BORN (based on a truly true story)

    written by Kathryn Walat / directed by Portia Krieger

    written by Anna Ziegler / directed by Beatrice Terry

    with a company of actors Carolyn Baeumler * Maggie Bofill * Juan Javier Cardenas *Jorge Chacon * Jackie Chung * Matthew-Lee Erlbach * Anna Kull * Peter Levine * Garrett Neergaard * Thomas Pecinka * Charise Castro Smith * Jenny Seastone Stern * Danny Wolohan
    and house bands Mike Ferraro & The Young Republicans & The House of Leaves set Nick Francone lights Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew sound Marcelo Anez, Asa Wember costumes Jessica Wegener Shay video Piama Habibullah & Jared Mezzocchi props/asst set design Rachel Schapira movement Melissa Riker fights Lillian Vince bandleader Ralph Capasso composer Cristian Amigo stage mgmt Marcie A. Friedman & Amy Francis Schott

    JUNE 11 TO JULY 9 at 8pm, mainly Thursday thru Monday! + Wednesday June 15 + Tuesday July 5
    no performance Monday June 13, Saturday June 18 or Monday July 4

    opening night June 20; benefit performance Thursday June 23 — 75 bucks gets you a PARTY!
    Saturday June 18 + Wednesdays June 22, 29, July 6: GERM NATION! What’s GERM NATION? Something different, in an up-to-the-minute, surprise kinda way! We might use the time process-like, to re-work a “germ” or try a new trick; we might bring a cast in to read the full draft of the play their “germ” is taken from; or maybe we’ll just have a party! Find out what’s happening each week on our website and of course the GERM blog!

    at 3LD Art & Technology Center 80 Greenwich Street (at Rector)
    easy easy easy to get to! take the 1, R, W to Rector Street / 4, 5 to Wall Street
    $25 / Sundays pay-what-you-will (at the door only)
    tickets http://www.smarttix.com or 212 868 4444

    *discount not valid on 6/20 or 6/23 read more more more on THE GERM BLOG!

    Culture Project’s Women Center Stage (WCS) is committed to supporting and vigorously promoting the work of women playwrights, directors, and performing artists, and celebrating the unique contribution of women to social justice and human rights. WomenCenterStage.org

    Forward email

  2. Hi Nicole,

    My name is Kate and I just stumbled upon your (wonderful) blog while working on producing the feminist-themed play “Boy Gets Girl” by Rebecca Gilman. Currently, we’re working on raising funds to get this play done off off Broadway in NYC. Is there any chance I could ask you to share the link to my kickstarter page on your website? I feel strange asking, but I’m just at the point where I need all the help I can get. I think this is an important play that needs to be done, but getting the funds is difficult (surprise surprise).

    here is the link for you to check out.

    Any advice or input would also be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!


  3. British National Theater of America and

    1st Irish Theater Festival present:
    Thursday, September 15, 2011 through Sunday, October 02, 2011

    Stage Left Studios

    Two generations. Two extraordinary women. Two Stories from Northern Ireland before and after the Good Friday Agreement

    Twinkletoes by Jennifer Johnston and Forgotten Milk by Bernard McMullan.

    Derry City. Two women, two generations, one story. On the night of her daughter’s wedding, Karen returns home alone, reflecting on the life she is living because of her terrorist husband’s actions. 20 years later, Karen’s daughter lives in a changed Northern Ireland, but still lives with the decisions she made at 17.

    REFLECTIONS: An Evening of Women’s Voices
    Twinkletoes by Jennifer Johnston and Forgotten Milk by Bernard McMullan
    Directed by: Jo Cattell
    Cast includes: Paula Nance, music by Andy Mac
    Presented by: British National Theatre of America

    Playing: Stage Left Studio, 214 W 30th St NYC
    Opening: Thursday, September 15th, 2011
    Closing: Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

    Directed by: Jo Cattell

    Tickets: http://www.smartix.com

    Now in its third year, New York’s annual First Irish Theatre Festival is a celebration of the best of Irish theatre, brought to you by Origin Theatre Company. Throughout September and early October, we highlight performances from playwrights new and old at 15 venues throughout the city.

    For bios, interviews and more information contact: Anita Daly/Daly Communications /212 772 0852 / anitadaly@yahoo.com

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