Scott Walters of Theatre Ideas offers what is in my opinion an apt assessment of the theatre blogosphere in general and the recent race debate in particular. London political blogger Penny Red weighs in on misogyny in the political blogosphere, particularly the treatment of women political bloggers.  (In spite of the fact that the theatre blogosphere … Continue reading

More Reflections on Gender and Race in Today’s Theatre

This post is an attempt to pull together and work through simultaneously a number of thoughts/issues/concerns that have been rattling around in my head lately, spurred by both my own reading and writing and also by conversations that have been taking place on other theatre blogs. As my regular readers know, I recently compiled a … Continue reading

“A Gay” in Every Play ?

“A Gay” in Every Play “? It feels like every play (and film) I see these days has a gay or a lesbian character.  And this is not counting the Shakespeare productions that camp up or make effete a clown or a fool.  I am trying to decide if this is cause for celebration–because it … Continue reading

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