From Mancakes to Man-eroles: The Dramatic Efforts of Gender Marketing

Once again, the intersections of gender, food preferences, and food marketing take center stage.  Ugh. Back in November, I posted on “Man-eroles (Man Casseroles).”  Today, Schott’s Vocab, a NYT column, discusses the recent masculinization of gourmet cupcakes, or “Mancakes.” On women playwrights Also, check out this and this from the London’s Telegraph about what David … Continue reading

Meet GAN-e-meed Theatre Project

Back on January 28th, I posted an updated list of Women Theatre Bloggers and offered some thoughts on how it might be put to good use, beyond its obvious availability now as online resource.  One of my own goals was to highlight these women and (the organizations they represent) with an ongoing interview series here … Continue reading


Scott Walters of Theatre Ideas offers what is in my opinion an apt assessment of the theatre blogosphere in general and the recent race debate in particular. London political blogger Penny Red weighs in on misogyny in the political blogosphere, particularly the treatment of women political bloggers.  (In spite of the fact that the theatre blogosphere … Continue reading

More Reflections on Gender and Race in Today’s Theatre

This post is an attempt to pull together and work through simultaneously a number of thoughts/issues/concerns that have been rattling around in my head lately, spurred by both my own reading and writing and also by conversations that have been taking place on other theatre blogs. As my regular readers know, I recently compiled a … Continue reading

Women Theatre Bloggers

Women Theatre Bloggers The end of a year and a decade has given way to many lists with rankings for everything from songs, albums, and bands to films, plays, and, even, theatre blogs. See for example, the Guardian blog’s top 10 list, replete with honorable mentions.  August Schulenburg of Flux Theatre Ensemble runs through several … Continue reading

Links,etc-Women in the Arts, Sexy Titles, TV’s at the Pump!

***Links*** Women in the Arts This lengthy film article, “Women in the Seat but Not behind the Camera,” by Manohla Dargis in yesterday’s NYT is the film complement to Marsha Norman’s recent piece, “Not There Yet,” in American Theatre magazine.  Both articles convey pretty grim portraits about the so called progress of women in these … Continue reading

Man-erole (Man Casserole)

Are you familiar with the recipe for “Man-erole”? Who eats this exactly? Someone who says “Get ‘er done” and means it? Metrosexuals, stay-home dads, dads who change diapers and drive carpool and, perhaps, even help pick out paint colors or cook meals … don’t have a prayer at resetting perceptions of (straight) masculinity when cards … Continue reading

“A Gay” in Every Play ?

“A Gay” in Every Play “? It feels like every play (and film) I see these days has a gay or a lesbian character.  And this is not counting the Shakespeare productions that camp up or make effete a clown or a fool.  I am trying to decide if this is cause for celebration–because it … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season for “A Doll’s House” at Dramaworks (Review)

‘Tis the Season for “A Doll’s House” at Dramaworks (Review) ‘Tis the season for A Doll’s House, Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s classic portrait of nineteenth century marriage and gender roles that unfolds on Christmas Eve and Christmas day in 1879, also the year in which it was written and first staged. The title’s significance, broached by Nora … Continue reading

Aphra Behn’s The Dutch Lover: A Comedy

Aphra Behn’s The Dutch Lover: A Comedy 3 down, 15 to go. As Liz Duffy’s Or, now playing at Women’s Project in NYC, continues to endear itself to audiences, I continue to plug through the 18 plays written by Duffy’s central heroine–Restoration playwright Aphra Behn. Premiere and Publication The Dutch Lover, Behn’s third play, was … Continue reading

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