Maureen Dowd dowdy?

Maureen Dowd dowdy? It’s been a decade since Maureen Down received a Pulitzer Prize for her columns on the Clinton impeachment and four years since she published her book on sexual politics entitled Are Men Necessary?: When Sexes Collide, so she’s due for another career milestone, unless, of course, you count the buzz she caused … Continue reading

Dowd the Rogue Dramatist

Dowd the Rogue Dramatist On Sunday, July 12, the NYT featured yet another Op-ed by Maureen Dowd about…drum roll…SARAH PALIN.  Shocking, I know.  In this piece,entitled “Sweet Tweet Revenge,” Dowd has composed a faux Twitter dialogue between Sarah Palin and John McCain, both of whom do, indeed, tweet.  Back in April, I wrote a post … Continue reading

Maureen Dowd’s Dramatic Commentary

Maureen Dowd’s Dramatic Commentary   If you peruse Maureen Dowd’s Op-Eds for the New York Times, you will find her frequently drawing attention to the dramatic nature of the lives of other people, particularly politicians.  Take for example her most recent commentary on Mark Sanford and Sarah Palin respectively.  In her June 27th article “Genius … Continue reading

Sating Appetites and Tag-Teaming Injustice

Sating Appetites and Tag-Teaming Injustice Click the link to listen to a relevant song by Cat Power while you read. “Lord, Help The Poor & Needy”  This post is a follow-up to my post “Sustenance on Cinco de Mayo: Starving for Justice, or Just for Tequila Shots?”  On Friday, May 8, Mia Farrow ended her hunger strike … Continue reading

Sustenance on Cinco de Mayo: Starving for Justice or Just for Tequila Shots?

 Sustenance on Cinco de Mayo: Starving for Justice or Just for Tequila Shots? On May 5th 1862, the Mexican army defeated French soldiers at the Battle of Puebla. The battle was significant because the long undefeated French battalion had twice as many men as the Mexican army.  The link between this historical event and the excessive … Continue reading

Stop, or I’ll – – – – t!

“Stop, or I’ll – – – – t” Two five-letter words have surfaced frequently in the past week as the divisive debates over Twitter and gun violence have continued to mount: shoot and tweet. Eric Etheridge’s 4/29 NYT article “All Twittered Out?” surveys the mixed feelings that Twitter continues to evoke and suggests reasons why … Continue reading

“Two More Reasons Why the World Still Needs Feminists”

“Two More Reasons Why the World Still Needs Feminists” Last week three Taliban members in Pakistan publicly flogged a teenage girl while she cried out in pain. Yesterday approximately 300 brave Afghan women gathered in Kabul to protest a deeply misogynistic bill that was recently passed by both houses of Parliament and signed by President Karzai (it will … Continue reading

The Doleful Dollar

The Doleful Dollar   In “Civil Disobedience,” Henry David Thoreau proclaims, “the dollar is innocent.”  The virtue in this succinct statement continues to reverberate in America today, perhaps, more than ever before.    This past week, in the midst of efforts to round up bonuses dispersed by the recently bailed-out AIG, Michael Froman, a former … Continue reading

Obama Drama

Obama Drama   During his eight years in the Oval Office, Bush inspired countless lampoons and parodies, not to mention grander investigations of himself and his policies, such as Fahrenheit 911 and W.  Obama, too, has already become fodder for the creative community, though the impetus behind such dramatizations (obviously) differs greatly. From the string of “Obama … Continue reading

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