Links Thank you to George Hunka for this post over at Superfluities Redux, which directs our attention to an interview of Sarah Kane by Dan Rebellato (Professor of Contemporary Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London). This 65-minute interview from November 3, 1998 was likely her last interview before her death in February 1999.  Just a reminder to South … Continue reading

Before Gaga, There Was Aphra: “Or,” Liz Duffy Adams’ Bisexual Bombshell.

Before Gaga, There Was Aphra: Or, Liz Duffy Adams’ Bisexual Bombshell (Review)  For more than a century, scholars, activists, and playwrights have found personal,  political, and literary inspiration in writings by and about Oscar Wilde, catapulting the 19th century Anglo-Irish author to mythic status as an icon for the contemporary gay movement.  The 17th century authoress Aphra Behn is now experiencing something akin … Continue reading

Aphra Behn’s The Dutch Lover: A Comedy

Aphra Behn’s The Dutch Lover: A Comedy 3 down, 15 to go. As Liz Duffy’s Or, now playing at Women’s Project in NYC, continues to endear itself to audiences, I continue to plug through the 18 plays written by Duffy’s central heroine–Restoration playwright Aphra Behn. Premiere and Publication The Dutch Lover, Behn’s third play, was … Continue reading

‘Minority’ Theatres: To be or not to be?

‘Minority’ Theatres: To be or not to be? Last Monday (11/9), I posted a link to Culturebot about the NEA’s denial of funding to Women’s Project in NYC.  This topic, along with Marsha Norman’s recent article for American Theatre, “Not There Yet,” has brought gender equality back to the forefront of many people’s minds.  On … Continue reading

Aphra Behn’s The Amorous Prince, Or, The Curious Husband. A Comedy.

The Amorous Prince, Or, The Curious Husband. A Comedy. By Aphra Behn. 2 down. 16 to go. Join me in reading the 18 plays of Aphra Behn (1640-1689). If you don’t know who she is, click here for a biographical overview. Click here for information on the Aphra Behn Society. Aphra in Duffy’s Or More than … Continue reading

Naked Women Fully Clothed at Women’s Theatre Project

Naked Women Fully Clothed at Women’s Theatre Project In “Naked Women Fully Clothed,” currently running at Sixth Star Studios in Ft. Lauderdale, Women’s Theatre Project offers up a mixed theatrical fare with equally mixed results.  With this said and before going into further detail, the audience, myself included, enjoyed many laugh-out-loud moments thanks to especially strong … Continue reading

Bad News for Women’s Project

Culturebot reported on Nov. 6th that Women’s Project has lost its NEA funding.

Aphra Who?

Aphra Who? You know her, the old school (proto)feminist writer all the new school feminist writers are cutting their proverbial teeth on these days. Thanks to efforts made by scholars and historians over the past few decades, Aphra Behn enjoys a vibrant afterlife these days–a lively one, indeed, for a female playwright from the 17th … Continue reading

Women in Contemporary Theatre

Women in Contemporary Theatre As a woman who aspires to have her own work read, staged, and published, I find myself looking for female role models in the world right now who are doing what I want to do, contributing in distinct and powerful ways to the fabric of contemporary theatre.  A recent post by … Continue reading

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