On Warming (Up to) Our Audiences

Last week on the Guardian’s “Noises Off,” Chris Wilkinson asked the title question “Are audiences too old?”  In the post, he rounds up the voices from the blogosphere that have been sounding off on this subject lately–many spurred by concerns raised about audience in Outrageous Fortune. The comments Wilkinson’s post elicited are quite interesting–many of … Continue reading


You’ve heard of The W (a hotel), The WB (a tv network), TBS (another tv network), and The BLT (a sandwich), and now I present to you–The WTB–updated and explicated. For those of you just tuning in, the WTB are Women Theatre Bloggers. Why a list of WTB? In recent years, several studies have indicated … Continue reading

Bad Bard

Bad Bard As I sit making final tweaks to a review for Shakespeare Bulletin of Jobsite Theater‘s production of Pericles, a collaboration with George Wilkins, who is believed to have written the first two acts, and one of Shakespeare’s less frequently produced and most frequently criticized plays, I couldn’t help but think about recent blog discussions of the … Continue reading

‘Woman to Woman,’ Do You Write about Theatre?

Today on The Guardian‘s theatre blog, Noises Off, Chris Wilkinson acknowledges Drama Daily’s (still growing) list of Women Theatre Bloggers.  Check out his post: “Hands Up for Women in Theatre.” Hopefully, other women who write about theatre will read Chris’s post and identify themselves so that I can make the list as comprehensive as possible before … Continue reading

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