Best Beckett Ever

In my opinion, the best Beckett play ever is … Play.  And I came to this conclusion before ever seeing the 2000 film version, directed by Anthony Minghella and starring Alan Rickman, Juliet Stevenson, and Kristen Scott Thomas–though seeing Minghella’s adaptation did further cement my love for this piece.  On stage, this work is ‘no … Continue reading

Irish Theatre Links (Updated)

Sorry, more links.  Reconnecting with a friend and classmate from grad school, Kay Martinovich (a former director at Irish Rep in Chicago), has gotten me thinking about how little I’ve been nurturing my love of Irish theatre lately.  So…here are a few more links: Irish Theatre Magazine Blog. Patrick Lonergan’s 1/24 article raises some good … Continue reading

Irish Links

Here are some Irish theatre/arts related links to check out: “Curtain Up on a New Theatrical Era.” A piece worth reading about how economic downturn and funding cuts are affecting Irish theatre, non-profits having to think more commercial, etc.  (*In which case, title of next link is perfect–cast a celebrity and market it.) “Channing to … Continue reading

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