In Nepal, Making a Play for Social Justice

In Nepal, Making a Play for Social Justice              According to the Internet-based charity Global Giving, as many as 40,000 Nepalese girls currently work as kamlaris, which essentially amounts to indentured servitude.  Parents or guardians with too many mouths to feed, desperate for money, and some even formerly-bonded servants themselves, … Continue reading

Sating Appetites and Tag-Teaming Injustice

Sating Appetites and Tag-Teaming Injustice Click the link to listen to a relevant song by Cat Power while you read. “Lord, Help The Poor & Needy”  This post is a follow-up to my post “Sustenance on Cinco de Mayo: Starving for Justice, or Just for Tequila Shots?”  On Friday, May 8, Mia Farrow ended her hunger strike … Continue reading

Sustenance on Cinco de Mayo: Starving for Justice or Just for Tequila Shots?

 Sustenance on Cinco de Mayo: Starving for Justice or Just for Tequila Shots? On May 5th 1862, the Mexican army defeated French soldiers at the Battle of Puebla. The battle was significant because the long undefeated French battalion had twice as many men as the Mexican army.  The link between this historical event and the excessive … Continue reading

To Ban or not to Ban Firearms?

To Ban or Not to Ban Firearms?   Until recently, I have never given much thought to guns.  As a matter of fact, if someone had asked me to play a word association game using the word “gun,” I would probably have mentioned the refrain from A Christmas Story, “You’ll shoot your eye out.”  Or, … Continue reading

“(Random) Acts of (Non) Violence”

  “(Random) Acts of (Non) Violence”   In tragic works of literature, characters die, obviously.  We know to expect substantial death toll, for example, when we read Hamlet, in which 8 die; Othello, in which 5 die; Macbeth, in which 7 die; and King Lear, in which 10 die (11 if you count Lear’s fool).  … Continue reading

“Me, A Feminist? No Way!”: Herein lies the problem.

“Me, A Feminist? No Way!”: Herein lies the problem. When I broach discussion of feminist texts with my Rhetoric and Composition students (many of whom are freshmen), I like to ask who in the class considers themselves a feminist.  Semester after semester, the question garners the same response: nary a hand is raised, and this … Continue reading

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