“Feminist Performance and Utopia: A Manifesto”; Or, Here, Here, Jill Dolan

This morning I read with a fervor that took me back to my college days the last chapter of Staging International Feminisms–a collection of essays edited by Elaine Aston and Sue-Ellen Case and published by Palgrave/MacMillan in 2007.  This chapter, entitled “Feminist Performance and Utopia: A Manifesto,” was written by Jill Dolan, a professor at … Continue reading


Scott Walters of Theatre Ideas offers what is in my opinion an apt assessment of the theatre blogosphere in general and the recent race debate in particular. London political blogger Penny Red weighs in on misogyny in the political blogosphere, particularly the treatment of women political bloggers.  (In spite of the fact that the theatre blogosphere … Continue reading

More Reflections on Gender and Race in Today’s Theatre

This post is an attempt to pull together and work through simultaneously a number of thoughts/issues/concerns that have been rattling around in my head lately, spurred by both my own reading and writing and also by conversations that have been taking place on other theatre blogs. As my regular readers know, I recently compiled a … Continue reading

Women Theatre Bloggers

Women Theatre Bloggers The end of a year and a decade has given way to many lists with rankings for everything from songs, albums, and bands to films, plays, and, even, theatre blogs. See for example, the Guardian blog’s top 10 list, replete with honorable mentions.  August Schulenburg of Flux Theatre Ensemble runs through several … Continue reading

Metablogging: Drama Daily’s 2009 Recap

Metablogging: Drama Daily’s 2009 Recap As 2009 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the plays and topics Drama Daily has covered and what lies ahead for this theatre blog.  Since its inception last March, this blog has discussed and/or reviewed approximately 40 plays, which are listed below in ABC order by author’s last … Continue reading

Before Gaga, There Was Aphra: “Or,” Liz Duffy Adams’ Bisexual Bombshell.

Before Gaga, There Was Aphra: Or, Liz Duffy Adams’ Bisexual Bombshell (Review)  For more than a century, scholars, activists, and playwrights have found personal,  political, and literary inspiration in writings by and about Oscar Wilde, catapulting the 19th century Anglo-Irish author to mythic status as an icon for the contemporary gay movement.  The 17th century authoress Aphra Behn is now experiencing something akin … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season for “A Doll’s House” at Dramaworks (Review)

‘Tis the Season for “A Doll’s House” at Dramaworks (Review) ‘Tis the season for A Doll’s House, Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s classic portrait of nineteenth century marriage and gender roles that unfolds on Christmas Eve and Christmas day in 1879, also the year in which it was written and first staged. The title’s significance, broached by Nora … Continue reading

It’s A Girl ! ?

It’s A Girl ! ? In a post last week (“Sexism in the Industry“), I put up some quotes from Marsha Norman’s recent article in American Theatre on gender inequality in the industry. One particular line by Norman has gotten stuck in my head: “There’s no so such thing as a girl play.” It is not uncommon … Continue reading

‘Minority’ Theatres: To be or not to be?

‘Minority’ Theatres: To be or not to be? Last Monday (11/9), I posted a link to Culturebot about the NEA’s denial of funding to Women’s Project in NYC.  This topic, along with Marsha Norman’s recent article for American Theatre, “Not There Yet,” has brought gender equality back to the forefront of many people’s minds.  On … Continue reading

Sexism in the Industry?

Sexism in the Industry? In the current issue of American Theatre, Marsha Norman–playwright, co-director of the playwrighting program at Juilliard, and former vice president of the Dramatists Guild of America–probes the persisting issue of gender inequality in the theatre.  It’s a must read.  For anyone in doubt, there is still a need for a feminist movement, … Continue reading

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