The Drama of Running

Races, especially ones that draw a large number of participants, are incredible spectacles, street theatre on-the-run, with a structure fairly analogous to a ‘well made’ stage play, not to mention the obvious runner/performer spectator/audience aspect.  They also create a sense of intimately shared space and human connectedness that relates a lot to what we theatre … Continue reading

Critic Elizabeth Maupin leaves Orlando Sentinel

Elizabeth Maupin has “quit” her 26 year-post as Theatre Critic for the Orlando  Sentinel … Read here.

Another Dramatic License Plate

Violence, Women, and the Stage

Did you read this 2/24 NYT article “Violence that Art Didn’t See Coming”, which was inspired by Alabama Neuroscience Professor Amy Bishop’s recent opening of fire on 6 colleagues that resulted in the death of 3? If you didn’t, you should because it provides a fairley extensive and interesting scan of the way violent/criminal women … Continue reading

Nick Mwaluko’s “S/HE” and Some Thoughts on (Cross-)Gender Casting

S/HE S/HE, by Tanzanian born, Kenyan raised, playwright Nanno “Nick” Mwaluko, is a brave exploration of a 17-year old Black woman’s journey as she transitions sartorially and then surgically from female to male. The play opens with a school playground scene that foregrounds Sam(antha)’s difference from her female classmates and her insistence that “I’m not no … Continue reading

Aphra in Antwerp

Very shortly I will be picking up where I left off before the holidays with reading the complete plays of Aphra Behn, the wonderfully witty Restoration dramatist whose contemporary recuperation began with Virginia Woolf’s praise of her financial success as a playwright in chapter four of A Room of One’s Own (1929). Please do join … Continue reading

Don’t Split Your Britches, But Here’s Some SPLIT BRITCHES

For those not familiar with the work of Split Britches, it is the lesbian feminist theatre company founded in 1980 by Peggy Shaw, Lois Weaver, and Deb Margolin. The story behind the company’s name is fantastic and resonates with a family anecdote of my own.  Here is their explanation of it: “Split Britches takes its name from a … Continue reading

On Colleagues, Contacts, and Coworkers; or What We Call People We (kind of) Know (With a side of vintage Paul Reubens)

As a writer, I am not unique in finding words fascinating … and funny and frustrating and fickle (ie. slippery, deceitful, dangerous, and unreliable).  I’m equally interested in how our individual vocabularies change throughout our lifetime; there are endless examples of this, but I am thinking specifically of the acquisition of “grown-up” words.  As we … Continue reading

From Valley of the Dolls to Valley of the Vino, Ugh

Too many times now I have gone grocery shopping and seen bottles of wine like the ones below, and each time I have felt increasingly irritated by them.  Don’t get me wrong. I like wine.  And I like breaks from my 3 year old.  I also like to think that I have a sense of … Continue reading


Scott Walters of Theatre Ideas offers what is in my opinion an apt assessment of the theatre blogosphere in general and the recent race debate in particular. London political blogger Penny Red weighs in on misogyny in the political blogosphere, particularly the treatment of women political bloggers.  (In spite of the fact that the theatre blogosphere … Continue reading

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