The Doleful Dollar

The Doleful Dollar   In “Civil Disobedience,” Henry David Thoreau proclaims, “the dollar is innocent.”  The virtue in this succinct statement continues to reverberate in America today, perhaps, more than ever before.    This past week, in the midst of efforts to round up bonuses dispersed by the recently bailed-out AIG, Michael Froman, a former … Continue reading The Doleful Dollar

Obama Drama

Obama Drama   During his eight years in the Oval Office, Bush inspired countless lampoons and parodies, not to mention grander investigations of himself and his policies, such as Fahrenheit 911 and W.  Obama, too, has already become fodder for the creative community, though the impetus behind such dramatizations (obviously) differs greatly. From the string of “Obama … Continue reading Obama Drama

Holy Sh–!

Holy Sh- -!   Let’s face it, when you have a baby, you contemplate everything that goes into his or her body.  In turn, whether you admit it or not, you also become oddly preoccupied with what comes out, too.  Yes, parenthood makes even those with the purest minds and weakest stomachs more at ease … Continue reading Holy Sh–!