A Tuesday Treasure, A Tune, and More

As writing and other deadlines loom, I find myself all too easily distracted today.  With a 2AMt post to finish, a review to write, youth drama workshop planning to further flesh out, a prospectus to draft, and a theatre season to plan, here I sit tweeting, youtubing, and blogging. I need to put myself in … Continue reading

The Cult of Sarah Kane

The Cult of Sarah Kane (1971-1999) Sarah Kane has become to the theatre world what Ian Curtis of Joy Division has long been to the alternative music world: a beloved cult icon.   Their darkly inspired works remain as dark and inspiring today as they did when they were first created.  Both Kane and Curtis … Continue reading

Computer Love in the Theatrosphere

Computer Love in the Theatrosphere As another month of blogging comes to an end, I must express thanks to my laptop that continues to function against all odds (countless drops and a major gatorade spill). And so this morning I offer you a dramatic trifecta of “Computer Love” videos: Kraftwerk’s from 1981, Zapp and Roger’s … Continue reading

Music Videos vs. Live Music

Music Videos vs. Live Music I posted a few days ago on the subject of live stage drama vs. filmed (and even downloadable filmed) stage drama.  While checking out some music videos this morning, it occurred to me that music makers face similar, but inverse, challenges to theatre makers.  As challenging as it may be … Continue reading

Eminem, Mariam & Motherhood

Eminem, Mariam, & Motherhood Admittedly, Eminem and Elizabeth Cary have little in common.  He is a contentious 21st century rapper who keeps nothing in the closet; his autobiographical and topical lyrics run the gamut from sexist and homophobic to scatalogical and taboo.  She is a little-known 17th century dramatist who wrote closet dramas, most notably The Tragedy of … Continue reading

The Abbreviated Joy of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis

The Abbreviated Joy of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis This coming May 18th will mark the 19th anniversary of the death of Ian Curtis, a Cheshire, England native and the lead singer of the post-punk band Joy Division, whose life was recently immortalized in the 2008 film Control. The film is based largely on the memoir of … Continue reading

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