Arrested Perceptions of Restoration Drama

Generally speaking, when people hear mention of Restoration drama, they think of bawdy, witty social comedies. ¬†As it so happens, comedy as a genre did not become popular (again) until the late 1660’s, the first decade of the period consisting largely of revivals and new works by lesser playwrights in the vein of these revivals. … Continue reading

The Second Part of “Loves Adventures”

SONG O Love, some says thou art a Boy! But now turn’d Girl, thy Masters joy. Now cease all thy fierce alarms, In circles of your loving arms. Who can express the joys to night, ‘Twil charm your senses with delight. Nay, all those pleasures you’l controul, With joyning your each soul to soul. Thus … Continue reading

Jobsite Theater’s “Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead” (Review)

Jobsite Theater’s Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead by Bert V. Royal Lucy’s locked up; Van (aka Linus) is a pothead; Matt (aka Pigpen) is a germaphobe; Van’s Sister (Sally) is a goth girl; Marcy and Tricia (Peppermint Patty) are sex-obsessed gossip girls; and Beethoven and CB (short, obviously, for Charlie Brown) are … Continue reading

The Theatre or Publix or Target or Whole Foods or…?

It’s not uncommon for people who work in theatre to miss out on seeing theatre because, well, they’re all tied up in a show of their own, rehearsing, performing, etc. ¬†Chances are if you survey theatre folks they will tell you they wish they could see more shows, plays their friends are in, or ‘that … Continue reading

“Loves Adventures” by Mad Madge

“There is an old saying, that opinion travels without a Passe-port…” -Mrs. Reformer, Loves Adventures (1662) The deeper I read into 17th century British theatre history, particularly the Restoration, the more fascinated I am by the literary (and other) figures who populated these eras and, of course, also by the works that have survived them. … Continue reading

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