The Drama of Hospice and Plays about Death and Dying

5 thoughts on “The Drama of Hospice and Plays about Death and Dying”

  1. This may not fit exactly into the guidelines of your query, but I find “The Destiny of Me” by Larry Kramer to be one of the most insightful looks at the fear and rage connected with the deaths of the early AIDS pandemic. I’m sure that others will point out “Wit” by Margaret Edson or “Whose Life Is It Anyway?” by Brian Clark, but “Destiny” does a great job of capturing the emotional journey that so many people find themselves in when faced with the prognoses of death. You may also want to take a look at “Stars at the Break of Day” by Marjorie Spence

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Adalberto!

    This is a reminder to myself to check out Anna Deavere Smith’s “Let Me Down Easy” … If you’re out there and you’ve seen it…tell us about it…

  3. I’d second Let Me Down Easy–public television recently aired a taped version and it is good.

    I have a student who may be writing her thesis on this topic. One play that I would recommend is Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice. And ‘Night Mother by Marsha Norman can be considered positive, even though it is a suicide play, because the protagonist chooses her own fate.

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