The Theatre or Publix or Target or Whole Foods or…?

It’s not uncommon for people who work in theatre to miss out on seeing theatre because, well, they’re all tied up in a show of their own, rehearsing, performing, etc.  Chances are if you survey theatre folks they will tell you they wish they could see more shows, plays their friends are in, or ‘that … Continue reading

Goodbye ageism, Hello aged lovers

To balance out all the blog discussion about ‘New Plays,’ here is some info about a new take on an ‘old play.’  This past week the Bristol Old Vic announced the two senior actors who will be performing the parts of Romeo and Juliet  in the theatre’s upcoming production (March 10-April 24), redubbed Juliet and … Continue reading


You’ve heard of The W (a hotel), The WB (a tv network), TBS (another tv network), and The BLT (a sandwich), and now I present to you–The WTB–updated and explicated. For those of you just tuning in, the WTB are Women Theatre Bloggers. Why a list of WTB? In recent years, several studies have indicated … Continue reading

British Theatre Today: Golden Age? Near Utopia? (A Guardian recap)

In his latest post (“British theatre isn’t a utopia yet–but we’re on our way“) on the Guardian theatre blog, Michael Billington highlights the various ways British theatre has adapted to the times, reinvigorated itself, and, therefore, thrived in the past year. He points to new talent, authorship diversity more representative of Britan’s multicultural population, and … Continue reading

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