Bad Bard

Bad Bard As I sit making final tweaks to a review for Shakespeare Bulletin of Jobsite Theater‘s production of Pericles, a collaboration with George Wilkins, who is believed to have written the first two acts, and one of Shakespeare’s less frequently produced and most frequently criticized plays, I couldn’t help but think about recent blog discussions of the … Continue reading

Children’s Theatre, Not Mere ‘Child’s Play’

Children’s Theatre, Not Mere ‘Child’s Play’ David Harradine’s most recent post on the Guardian theatre blog highlights the great children’s theatre currently being produced in London by companies that typically only play to adult audiences.  As Harradine also notes, children’s theatre in general continues to work to overcome the (mis)perception that it is inferior to … Continue reading

Older Means of Reviewing No Longer Worth Its Weight in Stars?

“Older Means of Reviewing No Longer Worth Its Weight in Stars?” Below is an excerpt from John Ellingsworth’s most recent post “Could Twitter Spell the End of Star Ratings?” on The Guardian theatre blog, and it’s worth a read, particularly if you have been following last week’s conversation over at the Parabasis blog about the (de)merits … Continue reading

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