Dramatic Dancers

My parents, siblings, and imaginary fans called me Rose. That was my self-chosen stage name as a child.  I’d stand on the hearth of the fireplace and (try to) sing Crystal Gayle’s “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” or Juice Newton’s “Just Call Me Angel of the Morning” into the microphone that went with … Continue reading

Word to Your Drama

Word to Your Drama I’m currently reading New Playwriting Strategies (not quite so ‘new’ now; Routledge, 2001) by Paul C. Castagno, which attempts to flesh out one of the more recent aesthetic trends in American playwriting.  Castagno identifies his case studies as ‘the language playwrights’: Len Jenkin, Eric Overmeyer, and Mac Wellman. More on this … Continue reading

Raconteur: Or, Once Upon a Play(wright)

Raconteur: Or, Once upon a Play(wright) We have all told our own story, or at least parts of it, to someone. We have all been out somewhere and overheard someone telling someone else another person’s story. Something like this: “I knew a guy once (upon a time) who…” or “There was this old lady who … Continue reading

It’s A Girl ! ?

It’s A Girl ! ? In a post last week (“Sexism in the Industry“), I put up some quotes from Marsha Norman’s recent article in American Theatre on gender inequality in the industry. One particular line by Norman has gotten stuck in my head: “There’s no so such thing as a girl play.” It is not uncommon … Continue reading

November is NaPlWrMo

November is NaPlWrMo The Internet has given new life to many different genres of literature, from flash poetry and fiction writing to Smith Magazine‘s ongoing online component of its six-word memoirs.  It’s encouraging to know that there are also online communities promoting playwriting: Check out the website for NaPlWrMo, short for, you guessed it, National … Continue reading

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