Metatheatre in the 21st Century

Metatheatre in the 21st Century In his 1963 work Metatheatre: A New View of Dramatic Form, Lionel Abel coined the terms “metaplay” or “metatheatre” to classify plays with a philosophic self-consciousness, plays that depict life as “already theatricalized” with characters “aware of their own theatricality.”  As his study and others since have pointed out, this … Continue reading

“A Gay” in Every Play ?

“A Gay” in Every Play “? It feels like every play (and film) I see these days has a gay or a lesbian character.  And this is not counting the Shakespeare productions that camp up or make effete a clown or a fool.  I am trying to decide if this is cause for celebration–because it … Continue reading

Colon Blow, Rebeck’s “Bad Dates” gets bad reviews, “Doll’s House.”

Colon Blow My sister was diagnosed with end-stage colon cancer at age 42; she was a slim non-smoker with no family history.  Colon cancer is no longer just a geriatric disease!  Ginger endured countless surgeries and chemo regimens before succumbing to the illness last October.  I don’t know how she fought so hard for 5 … Continue reading

Theresa Rebeck’s “Bad Dates”

Theresa Rebeck’s Bad Dates A bad date would probably have been less painful, and certainly more dramatic, than sitting through the current Stageworks production of Rebeck’s one-woman show, Bad Dates, which opened this past Thursday and runs through December 6th at the Shimberg Playhouse at the Straz Center (formerly Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center).  In spite … Continue reading

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