Resources for Women in the Arts

Resources for Women in the Arts While researching for an article I am writing on individual grants available to women, I discovered the website for Women Arts (formerly called The Fund for Women Artists ), a San Francisco-based organization dedicated to helping women in film, theatre, and video find the resources (financial, etc.) necessary to … Continue reading

Women in Contemporary Theatre

Women in Contemporary Theatre As a woman who aspires to have her own work read, staged, and published, I find myself looking for female role models in the world right now who are doing what I want to do, contributing in distinct and powerful ways to the fabric of contemporary theatre.  A recent post by … Continue reading

On Not Writing

On Not Writing Anyone who writes regularly, whether for work or hobby or sanity or some combination of the three, knows the inner agony that accompanies dry spells.  This has been my life for nearly a month now.  While talking to a friend and fellow writer about this recently, she reminded me of the dramatic … Continue reading

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