Meet GAN-e-meed Theatre Project

Back on January 28th, I posted an updated list of Women Theatre Bloggers and offered some thoughts on how it might be put to good use, beyond its obvious availability now as online resource.  One of my own goals was to highlight these women and (the organizations they represent) with an ongoing interview series here … Continue reading

More Reflections on Gender and Race in Today’s Theatre

This post is an attempt to pull together and work through simultaneously a number of thoughts/issues/concerns that have been rattling around in my head lately, spurred by both my own reading and writing and also by conversations that have been taking place on other theatre blogs. As my regular readers know, I recently compiled a … Continue reading


You’ve heard of The W (a hotel), The WB (a tv network), TBS (another tv network), and The BLT (a sandwich), and now I present to you–The WTB–updated and explicated. For those of you just tuning in, the WTB are Women Theatre Bloggers. Why a list of WTB? In recent years, several studies have indicated … Continue reading

‘Woman to Woman,’ Do You Write about Theatre?

Today on The Guardian‘s theatre blog, Noises Off, Chris Wilkinson acknowledges Drama Daily’s (still growing) list of Women Theatre Bloggers.  Check out his post: “Hands Up for Women in Theatre.” Hopefully, other women who write about theatre will read Chris’s post and identify themselves so that I can make the list as comprehensive as possible before … Continue reading

Dramatic License Plates, etc.

This is really a pathetic way to start up posting again after a few hectic days that precluded me doing so, but here it is: a license plate from sunny Florida.   The person who drove the Hummer that bore this license plate had clearly done many reps at the gym.  Aaah…if only I had snapshots … Continue reading

Women Theatre Bloggers

Women Theatre Bloggers The end of a year and a decade has given way to many lists with rankings for everything from songs, albums, and bands to films, plays, and, even, theatre blogs. See for example, the Guardian blog’s top 10 list, replete with honorable mentions.  August Schulenburg of Flux Theatre Ensemble runs through several … Continue reading

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