Dramatic Donuts

Dramatic Donuts Here in Florida, I have passed Donut Circus many times, and each time, without fail, I find myself pondering the name.  Why “Circus,” ya know? I’m sorry, but it’s a dramatic name for a donut joint.  Krispy Kreme Donuts I mostly get.  Ok, kind of get.   Deep fried donuts can be ‘Krispy,’ … Continue reading Dramatic Donuts


You’ve heard of The W (a hotel), The WB (a tv network), TBS (another tv network), and The BLT (a sandwich), and now I present to you–The WTB–updated and explicated. For those of you just tuning in, the WTB are Women Theatre Bloggers. Why a list of WTB? In recent years, several studies have indicated … Continue reading The WTB

The Drama of Hospice and Plays about Death and Dying

H-O-S-P-I-C-E. Being given a hospice prognosis is dramatic. Period. The word itself evokes both a hospital stay and the peace most hope will accompany death. But don’t let the suffix–H-O-S-P– mislead you.  Hospice patients are (almost always) beyond  the repair of a hospital. In my own experience, the suffix more accurately alludes to the hospitable treatment … Continue reading The Drama of Hospice and Plays about Death and Dying

Irish Links

Here are some Irish theatre/arts related links to check out: “Curtain Up on a New Theatrical Era.” A piece worth reading about how economic downturn and funding cuts are affecting Irish theatre, non-profits having to think more commercial, etc.  (*In which case, title of next link is perfect–cast a celebrity and market it.) “Channing to … Continue reading Irish Links

Bad Bard

Bad Bard As I sit making final tweaks to a review for Shakespeare Bulletin of Jobsite Theater‘s production of Pericles, a collaboration with George Wilkins, who is believed to have written the first two acts, and one of Shakespeare’s less frequently produced and most frequently criticized plays, I couldn’t help but think about recent blog discussions of the … Continue reading Bad Bard