Metablogging: Drama Daily’s 2009 Recap

Metablogging: Drama Daily’s 2009 Recap As 2009 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the plays and topics Drama Daily has covered and what lies ahead for this theatre blog.  Since its inception last March, this blog has discussed and/or reviewed approximately 40 plays, which are listed below in ABC order by author’s last … Continue reading

“A Gay” in Every Play ?

“A Gay” in Every Play “? It feels like every play (and film) I see these days has a gay or a lesbian character.  And this is not counting the Shakespeare productions that camp up or make effete a clown or a fool.  I am trying to decide if this is cause for celebration–because it … Continue reading

How I Learned to Drive

How I Learned to Drive Learning to drive can be dramatic.  Years before getting a learner’s permit, I honed my skills on a giant John Deere tractor–not very glamorous, I know, but oh so true.  Yes, I’d load up friends and neighborhood kids and we’d haul tail through my parents sprawling acreage in Gambrills, MD. … Continue reading

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