Circle X’s Premiere of Sheila Callaghan’s “Lascivious Something” in LA (Review)

Back in 2002, when South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa, CA, commissioned Sheila Callaghan’s latest play, Lascivious Something, a Dionysian drama set on a Greek isle vineyard in November 1980, just as Reagan took office, audiences had not yet met with films such as Sideways and Bottleshock that wax witty and wise on the same … Continue reading

Transman Comedian Ian Harvie in Melbourne, Australia

While I was in Los Angeles this past week, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Ian Harvie, a transman comedian based in Los Angeles.  Ian started doing standup almost a decade ago after relocating to LA from Portland, Maine.  Margaret Cho recognized his talent early on, and he began opening for her several … Continue reading

Dramatic Salon Signs #3

This LA salon will make your hair sizzle with sex appeal.  I love the emphasis on the second HOT.

Dramatic Pause

Unfortunately, I have had to take a dramatic pause from Drama,Daily for the past few days so that I could prepare for my trip to other coast.  I’m out in Los Angeles this week to present at the Comparative Drama Conference.  I’ll be seeing some shows while I’m here, including Sheila Callaghan’s Lascivious Something, so … Continue reading

Reminder: In NYC Monday 3/22? Check out Nick Mwaluko’s “S/He”

I encourage my fabulous and friendly NYC readers to check out the staged reading of S/He that will be taking place tomorrow, Monday, March 22nd.  See below for details. MIXED PHOENIX THEATRE GROUP Ryan Victor Pierce & Danielle Soames – Artistic Directors Richard C. Aven – Associate Artistic Director present A Staged Reading of S/HE By Nick … Continue reading

Dramatic Salon Signs #2

Scissor + Emporium = Scissorium, of course. Go there and get cut up. They have lots of scissors. Coming soon: Review of Sarah Kane’s Blasted, directed by Jospeh Adler, at Gable Stage in Miami. Wow!

The Business (Cards) of Theatre (Artists)

As theatre artists, companies, and venues work increasingly harder these days to present and promote themselves online, what remains of old (old-fashioned now?) business practices? Do you and/or the company or venue you are associated with still use business cards? And if so, how much and what kind of information appears on these business cards? … Continue reading

What does contemporary metadrama tell us about contemporary theatre?

In a post few weeks back, readers helped me compile a list of contemporary plays that can be considered metadramatic or metatheatrical.  I’d like to pick this topic up again and ask you to think about this post’s title question. What does contemporary metadrama tell us about contemporary theatre? Now, I recognize that it’s sometimes … Continue reading

Spring Forward, Link Back

Thanks to Nick Mwaluko for bringing to my attention Desmond Tutu’s moving article about the situation in Uganda  from Friday’s Washington Post. Given this blog’s interest in the history of metadrama, here are some reviews of Bill Cain’s play about Shakespeare, entitled Equivocation, by way of StageGrade. By way of The Wicked Stage blog, a video musing … Continue reading

Dramatic Salon Signs

For some time now, I have been wanting to start a new photo post series of Hair Salon Signs because, well, they can be really dramatic. Everywhere I go I find myself struck by the names of salons, from corny, punny, or cliche ones to just plain odd ones.  Every time I think I couldn’t … Continue reading

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