What does contemporary metadrama tell us about contemporary theatre?

In a post few weeks back, readers helped me compile a list of contemporary plays that can be considered metadramatic or metatheatrical.  I’d like to pick this topic up again and ask you to think about this post’s title question. What does contemporary metadrama tell us about contemporary theatre? Now, I recognize that it’s sometimes … Continue reading

Plays about Plays

Hi All: I’m trying to compile a reading list of 20th and 21st Century Plays about Plays, and I would really appreciate your input. The metaplays (no musicals or adaptations) on the list may be about any of the following: A real or fictional playwright. An actor or acting. A director, a producer, a stage … Continue reading

Life, Death, and Drama

Few things have the ability to jolt us from our terribly important daily routines like the news of a birth or a death. When this happens, we scramble. Whom should we call? Where should we go? Where should we send flowers? Like many people, I witnessed the dramatic impact of these two major life events … Continue reading

Metatheatre in the 21st Century

Metatheatre in the 21st Century In his 1963 work Metatheatre: A New View of Dramatic Form, Lionel Abel coined the terms “metaplay” or “metatheatre” to classify plays with a philosophic self-consciousness, plays that depict life as “already theatricalized” with characters “aware of their own theatricality.”  As his study and others since have pointed out, this … Continue reading

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