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A Site to Be Seen…Environmental Theatre Abounds

My theatre company, Thinking Cap Theatre, recently finished a site-specific run of Young Jean Lee’s play, CHURCH, a play about exactly what the title suggests: sermonizing, sinning, surviving.  We took the play’s conceit one step further, and staged it outside under a tent in the parking lot of an old…church.  It was scary and exhilarating … Continue reading

Going to the theater: a rites of passage or a passage of time?

When you last went to see a show, why did you go?

Why’d You Pick This Play?

My Fort Lauderdale-based theatre company, Thinking Cap Theatre, is currently midway through a four week run of the Florida premiere of Cleansed by Sarah Kane.  During post-show conversations with guests, I have found myself regularly answering the question: Why’d you pick this play? I wish now that I would have put this question back to … Continue reading

The World Premiere of DEATH FOR SYDNEY BLACK

Last week my theatre company, Thinking Cap Theatre, opened DEATH FOR SYDNEY BLACK, a world premiere dark comedy by NYC-based playwright, Leah Nanako Winkler. The play, both reminiscent of and responsive to cult films such as Heathers, Mean Girls, and Bring It On, has really surprised audiences so far. It makes you laugh, it makes … Continue reading

Theatre & Critics, not just frenemies, but friends? Lynn Gardner weighs in (again)

On the Guardian theatre blog today, Lynn Gardner revisits the perennial topic of theatre and criticism. Her post’s title sums it up: theatre and critics need each other. Her post was inspired by the recent initiative by National Theatre Wales to nurture new critical voices. I think this line in particular really resonates: “[I]t remains … Continue reading

Theatre and the ‘Art’ of Influence

Influences on playwrights and theatre practitioners run the gamut. Everyday life experiences are an obvious influence.  History, another.  Politics, psychology, religion, science, too. Whether we care to acknowledge it or not, other playwrights, practitioners, and companies inevitably influence the theatre we create. We are also influenced by other kinds of art and media apart from … Continue reading

Some American Women Theatre Directors from Coast to Coast

My director-to-director interview series over at 2AMt continues. Meet three fantastic American women directors: Melissa Hillman of Impact Theatre, Berkeley, CA.  Kate Powers, freelance director, NYC. Julieanne Ehre, freelance director, Chicago, IL. Also, I’m working my way through American Women Stage Directors of the Twentieth Century(2008). It’s fantastic! Feature image above is of Carolina Neuber … Continue reading

Meet Some More American Theatre Directors

Here are links to several of my recent 2amtheatre director-to-director interviews: Meet Kevin Houle, Rebecca Zellar, Tony Adams and Melissa Hillman. 

Director Spotlight #3: Meet Dominic D’Andrea & I’m Back to Brook

Here’s the next installment of my director-to-director interview series on http://2amtheatre.com Back To Brook: I’m also 2/3 of the way through re-reading Peter Brook’s 1968 work, The Empty Space. It’s amazing how a book can register so differently with you at different stages of your life. It had been a decade since I last read this, … Continue reading

Director Profile #2: Mark Fossen & Some Links

The director-to-director interview series that I began last week on 2amt continues with Mark Fossen, a freelance director in Salt Lake City, UT. Check it out. The current production of The Tempest directed by Robert Sturua at Moscow’s Et Cetera Theater does, indeed, look visually stunning!  As someone who has read, seen, reviewed, and taught … Continue reading

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