Metablogging: Drama Daily’s 2009 Recap

Metablogging: Drama Daily’s 2009 Recap As 2009 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the plays and topics Drama Daily has covered and what lies ahead for this theatre blog.  Since its inception last March, this blog has discussed and/or reviewed approximately 40 plays, which are listed below in ABC order by author’s last … Continue reading

Oh, Max Headroom

Oh, Max. It’s partly your fault…this whole debate about liveness, live arts, media, mediation, mediatization, and so on. Somebody get Max in on a panel discussion. At a thrift store somewhere in America’s Northeast hangs my 10-year old self’s long lost Max Headroom t-shirt.  Oh, the number of times I have asked myself why, why, … Continue reading

“Name that Play” Revealed

“Name that Play” Revealed There was no shortage of revivals of traditional holiday plays, not to mention adaptations, parodies, and spin-offs of this repertoire, all over the country this season.  Holidays, after all, are perfect settings for plays because they are inherently so dramatic, so action-packed, so climactic, so emotional.  Throw some spiked eggnog, pretty … Continue reading

Another Link: The Crap Archivist

Aaah, the dramatic insights that other people’s rubbish affords us.  See Studies in Crap, Alan Scherstuhl’s Village Voice blog.


Links Thank you to George Hunka for this post over at Superfluities Redux, which directs our attention to an interview of Sarah Kane by Dan Rebellato (Professor of Contemporary Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London). This 65-minute interview from November 3, 1998 was likely her last interview before her death in February 1999.  Just a reminder to South … Continue reading

Name That Play

Name that Play One of the characters in this recent American play, which received its official world premiere production in 2005, is an anthropomorphized apartment. Merry Christmas! UPDATE Clue #2: It was written by a woman playwright. Clue #3: Title gives a nod to one of Brittany’s exes Clue #4: Before its world premiere in … Continue reading

Dramatic Shopping Cart, Bowie, MD

Dramatic Shopping Cart, Bowie, MD

Before Gaga, There Was Aphra: “Or,” Liz Duffy Adams’ Bisexual Bombshell.

Before Gaga, There Was Aphra: Or, Liz Duffy Adams’ Bisexual Bombshell (Review)  For more than a century, scholars, activists, and playwrights have found personal,  political, and literary inspiration in writings by and about Oscar Wilde, catapulting the 19th century Anglo-Irish author to mythic status as an icon for the contemporary gay movement.  The 17th century authoress Aphra Behn is now experiencing something akin … Continue reading

Life, Death, and Drama

Few things have the ability to jolt us from our terribly important daily routines like the news of a birth or a death. When this happens, we scramble. Whom should we call? Where should we go? Where should we send flowers? Like many people, I witnessed the dramatic impact of these two major life events … Continue reading

Conundrum Stages Names that Play: Yasmina Reza’s “The God of Carnage”

Conundrum Stages Names that Play: Yasmina Reza’s The God of Carnage Drama Daily’s 2nd installment of “Name that Play” was correctly identified by Ft. Lauderdale-based actor and president of Conundrum Stages, Kevin Johnson.  Conundrum was founded five years ago as a play reading series, featuring classic and contemporary works by established playwrights, and it  typically holds … Continue reading

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