Links,etc-Women in the Arts, Sexy Titles, TV’s at the Pump!

***Links*** Women in the Arts This lengthy film article, “Women in the Seat but Not behind the Camera,” by Manohla Dargis in yesterday’s NYT is the film complement to Marsha Norman’s recent piece, “Not There Yet,” in American Theatre magazine.  Both articles convey pretty grim portraits about the so called progress of women in these … Continue reading

Aphra Behn’s The Dutch Lover: A Comedy

Aphra Behn’s The Dutch Lover: A Comedy 3 down, 15 to go. As Liz Duffy’s Or, now playing at Women’s Project in NYC, continues to endear itself to audiences, I continue to plug through the 18 plays written by Duffy’s central heroine–Restoration playwright Aphra Behn. Premiere and Publication The Dutch Lover, Behn’s third play, was … Continue reading

It’s A Girl ! ?

It’s A Girl ! ? In a post last week (“Sexism in the Industry“), I put up some quotes from Marsha Norman’s recent article in American Theatre on gender inequality in the industry. One particular line by Norman has gotten stuck in my head: “There’s no so such thing as a girl play.” It is not uncommon … Continue reading

Sexism in the Industry?

Sexism in the Industry? In the current issue of American Theatre, Marsha Norman–playwright, co-director of the playwrighting program at Juilliard, and former vice president of the Dramatists Guild of America–probes the persisting issue of gender inequality in the theatre.  It’s a must read.  For anyone in doubt, there is still a need for a feminist movement, … Continue reading

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