Stop, or I’ll – – – – t!

“Stop, or I’ll – – – – t” Two five-letter words have surfaced frequently in the past week as the divisive debates over Twitter and gun violence have continued to mount: shoot and tweet. Eric Etheridge’s 4/29 NYT article “All Twittered Out?” surveys the mixed feelings that Twitter continues to evoke and suggests reasons why … Continue reading

To Ban or not to Ban Firearms?

To Ban or Not to Ban Firearms?   Until recently, I have never given much thought to guns.  As a matter of fact, if someone had asked me to play a word association game using the word “gun,” I would probably have mentioned the refrain from A Christmas Story, “You’ll shoot your eye out.”  Or, … Continue reading

“(Random) Acts of (Non) Violence”

  “(Random) Acts of (Non) Violence”   In tragic works of literature, characters die, obviously.  We know to expect substantial death toll, for example, when we read Hamlet, in which 8 die; Othello, in which 5 die; Macbeth, in which 7 die; and King Lear, in which 10 die (11 if you count Lear’s fool).  … Continue reading

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