Circle X’s Premiere of Sheila Callaghan’s “Lascivious Something” in LA (Review)

Back in 2002, when South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa, CA, commissioned Sheila Callaghan’s latest play, Lascivious Something, a Dionysian drama set on a Greek isle vineyard in November 1980, just as Reagan took office, audiences had not yet met with films such as Sideways and Bottleshock that wax witty and wise on the same … Continue reading

Naked Women

Made you look. But why, you ask, what gives? Why would a blog of such soaring standards title a post “Naked Women” with no intention of delivering the goods? I’ll explain. A few weeks ago I reviewed “Naked Women Fully Clothed” by Women’s Theatre Project in Ft. Lauderdale, and ever since, searches for “naked women” … Continue reading

‘Minority’ Theatres: To be or not to be?

‘Minority’ Theatres: To be or not to be? Last Monday (11/9), I posted a link to Culturebot about the NEA’s denial of funding to Women’s Project in NYC.  This topic, along with Marsha Norman’s recent article for American Theatre, “Not There Yet,” has brought gender equality back to the forefront of many people’s minds.  On … Continue reading

Naked Women Fully Clothed at Women’s Theatre Project

Naked Women Fully Clothed at Women’s Theatre Project In “Naked Women Fully Clothed,” currently running at Sixth Star Studios in Ft. Lauderdale, Women’s Theatre Project offers up a mixed theatrical fare with equally mixed results.  With this said and before going into further detail, the audience, myself included, enjoyed many laugh-out-loud moments thanks to especially strong … Continue reading

Ft. Lauderdale: Drama On-Stage and Off

Ft. Lauderdale: Drama On-Stage and Off As the temperature cools and the theatre and tourist seasons both begin to build to a crescendo in Ft. Lauderdale, you are guaranteed no shortage of interesting sights and sounds.  For example, the lovely lady below is pictured  in her ‘smaller’ glasses; the ones she wore into the restaurant … Continue reading

Gender Equality Today: Dramatically Improved or Just Dramatic?

Gender Equality Today: Dramatically Improved or Just Dramatic? “The Battle of the Sexes” is as vexed a subject today as it was in the early modern period, when women were expected to be chaste, obedient, and silent and were subjected to the common law “rule of thumb.” When in 1660, the Restoration ruler Charles II … Continue reading

Women in Contemporary Theatre

Women in Contemporary Theatre As a woman who aspires to have her own work read, staged, and published, I find myself looking for female role models in the world right now who are doing what I want to do, contributing in distinct and powerful ways to the fabric of contemporary theatre.  A recent post by … Continue reading

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