The Tragedy of Mariam, Day 2

The Tragedy of Mariam, Day 2 On Language: Back on May 16th, I read an Op-Ed in the NYT by Verlyn Klinkenborg entitled “The Lost Art of Reading Aloud,” and this piece crossed my mind again yesterday as I was, well, reading aloud Cary’s closet drama, a work that by its very sub-genre calls for this, … Continue reading

The Tragedy of Mariam, Day 1

The Tragedy of Mariam, Day 1 Welcome to the first day of our discussion of Elizabeth Cary’s early 17th century closet drama, The Tragedy of Mariam, the Fair Queen of Jewry. Discussion questions are here. Cary’s play is one whose readership today would typically be limited to academics and theatre historians, so it may seem like an … Continue reading

Dr. Faustus, Day 4

Dr. Faustus, Day 4 Dr. Faustus on the Stage Marlowe’s play has a rich and enduring stage history. It was his most successful play and was performed many times throughout the 1590’s and into the early 17th c. until the closing of London theatres in 1642.  As was typical of presentational theatre, the play was … Continue reading

Dr. Faustus, Day 3

Dr. Faustus, Day 3 Rereading Act 1 Scene 3, in which Dr. Faustus signs a contract with his own blood agreeing to give his soul over to Lucifer in exchange for 24 years of “liv[ing] in all voluptuousness,” made me recall a fairly common childhood ritual, often though not always involving ketchup as a substitute … Continue reading

Dr. Faustus, Day 2

A few facts about Marlowe: Born 1564 (2 months before Shakespeare). Died 1593. Cause of death was long believed to have been a fatal wound received during a duel outside a London tavern, though some suggested it was a plotted murder assassination. In 1925, a man named Leslie Hotson discovered the inquest that followed Marlowe’s … Continue reading

Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, Day 1

Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe                     I was on the road all day, literally, and am a little late posting some online resources for studying Marlowe and his tragedy of Faustus.  Hopefully, we can delve into the discussion questions tomorrow.  I’m curious to hear how or … Continue reading

Take Drama, Daily’s First Official Poll: “Queen, King, Drag Queen, Drag King, Drama Queen”

As a preface to this, Drama, Daily’s First Official Poll, I would like to reiterate and add to some points made in my very first post about drama terms, their etymology, and the on- and off- stage performance of gender roles. In ancient Greece, the verb infinitive theatre meant to behold.  A theatrum was a … Continue reading

The Abbreviated Joy of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis

The Abbreviated Joy of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis This coming May 18th will mark the 19th anniversary of the death of Ian Curtis, a Cheshire, England native and the lead singer of the post-punk band Joy Division, whose life was recently immortalized in the 2008 film Control. The film is based largely on the memoir of … Continue reading

In Nepal, Making a Play for Social Justice

In Nepal, Making a Play for Social Justice              According to the Internet-based charity Global Giving, as many as 40,000 Nepalese girls currently work as kamlaris, which essentially amounts to indentured servitude.  Parents or guardians with too many mouths to feed, desperate for money, and some even formerly-bonded servants themselves, … Continue reading

The Drama of Driving

The Drama of Driving I have always prided myself on being not just a good driver, a defensive driver, but also a shrewd driver.  As a matter of fact, several years ago, I gave myself the nickname Back Alley Sally because of how successfully I utilize side streets to get where I need to go … Continue reading

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