Dramatic Salon Signs #4

So Dorothy does it doggy-style… Oh, how I ♥ Puns. Advertisements

Dramatic New Book Titles

I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of gal, never really been one for moderation, so it’s no surprise the book covers below caught my eye at Border’s this morning. Do these titles give us insight into the 21st century human condition or just insight into 21st century (book) marketing? Or some combination of … Continue reading

Dramatic Easter Egg Hunt

A photo recap of this morning’s Dramatic Easter Egg Hunt: Squirrel nabs egg and flees. Squirrel extracts loot and discards shell.

Dramatic Salon Signs #3

This LA salon will make your hair sizzle with sex appeal.  I love the emphasis on the second HOT.

Dramatic Salon Signs #2

Scissor + Emporium = Scissorium, of course. Go there and get cut up. They have lots of scissors. Coming soon: Review of Sarah Kane’s Blasted, directed by Jospeh Adler, at Gable Stage in Miami. Wow!

Dramatic Salon Signs

For some time now, I have been wanting to start a new photo post series of Hair Salon Signs because, well, they can be really dramatic. Everywhere I go I find myself struck by the names of salons, from corny, punny, or cliche ones to just plain odd ones.  Every time I think I couldn’t … Continue reading

Another Dramatic License Plate

Dramatic Car, Fort Lauderdale

Dramatic Car, Fort Lauderdale I couldn’t figure out why traffic was moving so slowly on Sunrise Blvd.  Then, I saw this as I got onto 95. Thanks, Dude.

Dramatic Donuts

Dramatic Donuts Here in Florida, I have passed Donut Circus many times, and each time, without fail, I find myself pondering the name.  Why “Circus,” ya know? I’m sorry, but it’s a dramatic name for a donut joint.  Krispy Kreme Donuts I mostly get.  Ok, kind of get.   Deep fried donuts can be ‘Krispy,’ … Continue reading

Dramatic License Plates, etc.

This is really a pathetic way to start up posting again after a few hectic days that precluded me doing so, but here it is: a license plate from sunny Florida.   The person who drove the Hummer that bore this license plate had clearly done many reps at the gym.  Aaah…if only I had snapshots … Continue reading

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