You are what you earn?: Work and Worth in Carpenter’s “Up”

You are what you earn?: Work and Worth in Carpenter’s Up   Thomas Friedman’s June 27th Op-Ed in the NYT, “Invent, Invent, Invent,” is a timely read alongside Bridget Carpenter’s drama Up, which is now playing in Chicago at Steppenwolf.   Looking back at history, Friedman suggests that great inventions have been born out of hard times and … Continue reading

Double the “Ups” Means Double the Downers? Carpenter’s “Up,” Day 1

Up, Day 1 Click here for discussion questions on Up. Carpenter’s play Up will be running from June 28 until August 23 at Steppenwolf in Chicago; meanwhile, Disney/Pixars’s Up has been playing in movie theaters since May 28. In addition to sharing a title, both revolve around an older male protagonist who has aspired to fly from a young … Continue reading

Cymbeline, Day 3: Fathers in Shakespeare

Cymbeline, Day 3: Fathers in Shakespeare Moms are conspicuously absent from much of Shakespeare’s canon; fathers, on the other hand, are boldly and formidably present.  There are fathers in the flesh (Shylock, Polonius, Brabantio, Macduff, King Lear, Gloucester, Antiochus, Pericles, Simonides, Cymbeline, who is also a step-dad to Cloten, Leontes, Polixenes, and Prospero to name … Continue reading

Neil LaBute Getting the Boot from MCC Theatre or Vice Versa?

Neil LaBute Getting the Boot from MCC Theatre or Vice Versa? A few semesters ago, I taught LaBute’s play Fat Pig in my freshmen composition courses.  I was familiar with the author’s work in film, and I was hungry to expose students to contemporary dramatic writing.  When I came across Fat Pig, newly published at … Continue reading

Cymbeline, Day 2

Cymbeline, Day 2 Symbols & Themes: Clothing, Being, and Seeming In 5.4, Posthumus Leonatus awakens from a dream, wherein he is visited by the ghosts of his parents, brothers, and Jupiter, to find a book has been placed upon his chest; his remarks invoke the moral of the now hackneyed expression about not judging a book … Continue reading

Cymbeline, Day 1

Cymbeline, Day 1  I have fallen about a week behind with the Summer Reading list, so I have adjusted the dates accordingly. Do check it out.  If you have any interest in reading and discussing something from earlier on the list, such as Faustus or Mariam, please do so…I am more than happy to continue … Continue reading

Pericles, Day 4

Pericles, Day 4 It is not everyday that you get to see a live performance of a play that you are reading, so I am very excited that I will have the opportunity to attend a production of Pericles this summer.  If you live in the Tampa Bay area, this coming August, Jobsite Theatre Company … Continue reading

Pericles, Day 3

Pericles, Day 3 Pericles, Incest, and Patriarchy In my last post, I posed questions about the significance of Antiochus’ incestuous relationship with his daughter to the rest of the play, given the fact that Antiochus is only present during the play’s first scene.  While I do believe that this taboo father/daughter pair serves as a … Continue reading

Pericles, Day 2

*Pssst….Don’t miss the Tony Awards tonight at 8pm on CBS. **Click here for discussion questions for Pericles.  The discussion will extend into this coming week, and the Cymbeline discussion will begin later in the week… Antiochus, Incest, and Dr. Tiller You would have to have been living in a cave or under a rock not to … Continue reading

Pericles, Day 1

Pericles, Day 1 *Discussion questions will be up soon…I’m a little behind since I was delayed getting a copy of the text. Why Pericles Has Perished:  Pericles (1607-1608), the first of Shakespeare’s four romances (followed by Cymbeline, The Winter’s Tale, and The Tempest), holds a less than favorable position in Shakespeare’s canon, and this is … Continue reading

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