Why’d You Pick This Play?

My Fort Lauderdale-based theatre company, Thinking Cap Theatre, is currently midway through a four week run of the Florida premiere of Cleansed by Sarah Kane.  During post-show conversations with guests, I have found myself regularly answering the question: Why’d you pick this play? I wish now that I would have put this question back to … Continue reading

The Drama of Hospice and Plays about Death and Dying

H-O-S-P-I-C-E. Being given a hospice prognosis is dramatic. Period. The word itself evokes both a hospital stay and the peace most hope will accompany death. But don’t let the suffix–H-O-S-P– mislead you.  Hospice patients are (almost always) beyond  the repair of a hospital. In my own experience, the suffix more accurately alludes to the hospitable treatment … Continue reading

Onstage Nudity: Bare Necessity or Barely Necessary?

Onstage Nudity: Bare Necessity or Barely Necessary? Nudity on the stage is nothing new.  But while bare bodies will always possess the power to (a)rouse, titillate, their ability to shock an audience or make a work appear modern or edgy has been dulled by frequent, arbitrary and/or gratuitous (mis)use. Some plays call for partial or full … Continue reading

Violence on the 21st Century Stage

Violence on the 21st Century Stage Over the summer, I saw the Goodman production of King Lear that transferred to Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington D.C., and while I enjoyed the show, I left feeling this updated Lear contained gratuitous violence.  Apparently graphic violence on the stage has become something of an international trend.  See … Continue reading

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