Youth, Death, and Drama

Youth and death are two words we never want to see joined together, but all too often they are, evoking terms we commonly associate with art–dramatic, tragic. The shooting death of 9-year old Christina Green (and five other innocent bystanders) yesterday at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ public speaking event in Tucson, AZ drives home this fact. … Continue reading

Shakespeare & Spenser Told Us Long Ago Life’s a Beach

Critical guides to complex literary works can be great resources, doing the dirty work of identifying themes and trends for us.  It can be arguably more rewarding, however, to make connections on our own.  Even if they’re as simple as the one I made a few weeks back (and have been meaning to share) between … Continue reading

Blanche DuBois’ Sober View on Death

I have written several times here on Drama, Daily about my sister’s cancer battle, in-home hospice experience, and eventual death in October 2008 and about how deeply it all has affected me–not from just the obvious standpoint of mourning her death, but also from the standpoint of growing up, accepting life on life’s terms, confronting … Continue reading

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