Maureen Dowd dowdy?

Maureen Dowd dowdy? It’s been a decade since Maureen Down received a Pulitzer Prize for her columns on the Clinton impeachment and four years since she published her book on sexual politics entitled Are Men Necessary?: When Sexes Collide, so she’s due for another career milestone, unless, of course, you count the buzz she caused … Continue reading

Pushing the Frame: When Your Favorite Actress Tangos with Taboos

Pushing the Frame: When Your Favorite Actress Tangos with Taboos I am someone whose favorite actresses are, for the most part, dead, departed, immortal on the silver screen only: I am referring to golden age Hollywood divas such as Clara Bow, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, and Myrna Loy.  My list of living breathing … Continue reading

Sexing the Stage, from “King Lear” to “Anon”

Sexing the Stage, from King Lear to Anon When I began reading Kate Robin’s Anon last week, I had just seen Goodman Theatre director Robert Fall’s rather racy production of King Lear at Sidney Harman Hall, home of Shakespeare Theatre Company, in Washington, D.C.  In this bold and bawdy take on the Bard’s tragedy, Oswald performs … Continue reading

Anon by Kate Robin

Anon by Kate Robin At long last, Anon. I thought I would never get to this introductory post on Kate Robin’s play about sex, intimacy, addiction, and disfunction.  Robin is the author of nearly ten plays and two screenplays and wrote several episodes of Six Feet Under.   Anon takes us into the lives of two couples: … Continue reading

Dowd the Rogue Dramatist

Dowd the Rogue Dramatist On Sunday, July 12, the NYT featured yet another Op-ed by Maureen Dowd about…drum roll…SARAH PALIN.  Shocking, I know.  In this piece,entitled “Sweet Tweet Revenge,” Dowd has composed a faux Twitter dialogue between Sarah Palin and John McCain, both of whom do, indeed, tweet.  Back in April, I wrote a post … Continue reading

Dowd’s Not So Secret Obsession

Dowd’s Not So Secret Obsession This past Sunday, July 5th, Maureen Dowd’s op-ed, “Now, Sarah’s Folly,” appeared in the NYT. As expected, the piece criticizes not only Palin’s decision to step down, but also targets her appearance, her intelligence, and more.  I know, I know, such is life for public figures.  However, on July 7th, just two … Continue reading

Maureen Dowd’s Dramatic Commentary

Maureen Dowd’s Dramatic Commentary   If you peruse Maureen Dowd’s Op-Eds for the New York Times, you will find her frequently drawing attention to the dramatic nature of the lives of other people, particularly politicians.  Take for example her most recent commentary on Mark Sanford and Sarah Palin respectively.  In her June 27th article “Genius … Continue reading

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