“Two More Reasons Why the World Still Needs Feminists”

“Two More Reasons Why the World Still Needs Feminists” Last week three Taliban members in Pakistan publicly flogged a teenage girl while she cried out in pain. Yesterday approximately 300 brave Afghan women gathered in Kabul to protest a deeply misogynistic bill that was recently passed by both houses of Parliament and signed by President Karzai (it will … Continue reading

Chalk it up to coincidence…

  Chalk it up to coincidence…   Your sister battles end-stage colon cancer for 5 ½ years and finally succumbs to the disease in late October of last year. You still haven’t gotten a colonoscopy.  It all weighs heavily on you, daily.  You review punctuation use with your students, the uses of semi-colons and colons.  … Continue reading

Holy Sh–!

Holy Sh- -!   Let’s face it, when you have a baby, you contemplate everything that goes into his or her body.  In turn, whether you admit it or not, you also become oddly preoccupied with what comes out, too.  Yes, parenthood makes even those with the purest minds and weakest stomachs more at ease … Continue reading

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