Circle X’s Premiere of Sheila Callaghan’s “Lascivious Something” in LA (Review)

Back in 2002, when South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa, CA, commissioned Sheila Callaghan’s latest play, Lascivious Something, a Dionysian drama set on a Greek isle vineyard in November 1980, just as Reagan took office, audiences had not yet met with films such as Sideways and Bottleshock that wax witty and wise on the same … Continue reading

Conundrum Stage’s “SpeakOut”

Sometimes the best things in life really are free, though I would have gladly paid admission to see some of the many deep and daring performances delivered Saturday night at “The SpeakOut,” a spoken word event presented by Conundrum Stages at 18 Rabbit Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale.  The creative mastermind behind this well-attended event, Executive Producer, Kevin … Continue reading

No ‘Ruhl’ Book: In The Next Room (Review)

No Ruhl Book: In The Next Room (Review) Sarah Ruhl has made a name for herself as a playwright of magic realism, depicting human mundanity with clever and, okay, quirky twists of language and landscape. In her most recent play, however, she has, in a sense, left behind the ‘Ruhl’ book that characterized her previous plays. … Continue reading

Wedekind’s “Lulu” adapted by Nicholas Wright at VA’s Clark Street Playhouse; Or, 15 Actors in Search of an Audience (Review)

Wedekind’s “Lulu” adapted by Nicholas Wright at VA’s Clark St. Playhouse; Or, 15 Actors in Search of an Audience; Or Help, I’m Hung-up on 18th c. Titles Lately (Review) There’s been discussion lately about the impact reviews have on playgoers, theatre practitioners, etc., but what about the impact of an audience?  Now, I’m not talking … Continue reading

Theresa Rebeck’s “Bad Dates”

Theresa Rebeck’s Bad Dates A bad date would probably have been less painful, and certainly more dramatic, than sitting through the current Stageworks production of Rebeck’s one-woman show, Bad Dates, which opened this past Thursday and runs through December 6th at the Shimberg Playhouse at the Straz Center (formerly Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center).  In spite … Continue reading

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