Computer Love in the Theatrosphere

Computer Love in the Theatrosphere As another month of blogging comes to an end, I must express thanks to my laptop that continues to function against all odds (countless drops and a major gatorade spill). And so this morning I offer you a dramatic trifecta of “Computer Love” videos: Kraftwerk’s from 1981, Zapp and Roger’s … Continue reading

November is NaPlWrMo

November is NaPlWrMo The Internet has given new life to many different genres of literature, from flash poetry and fiction writing to Smith Magazine‘s ongoing online component of its six-word memoirs.  It’s encouraging to know that there are also online communities promoting playwriting: Check out the website for NaPlWrMo, short for, you guessed it, National … Continue reading

Music Videos vs. Live Music

Music Videos vs. Live Music I posted a few days ago on the subject of live stage drama vs. filmed (and even downloadable filmed) stage drama.  While checking out some music videos this morning, it occurred to me that music makers face similar, but inverse, challenges to theatre makers.  As challenging as it may be … Continue reading

Older Means of Reviewing No Longer Worth Its Weight in Stars?

“Older Means of Reviewing No Longer Worth Its Weight in Stars?” Below is an excerpt from John Ellingsworth’s most recent post “Could Twitter Spell the End of Star Ratings?” on The Guardian theatre blog, and it’s worth a read, particularly if you have been following last week’s conversation over at the Parabasis blog about the (de)merits … Continue reading

To Film or Not to Film Live THEE-EH-TAH

To Film or Not to Film Live  THEE – EH – TAH I’ve always paused and reflected, when, at the end of a sitcom, a voiceover remarks, “This episode of Three’s Company [or insert your favorite show] “was taped before a live studio audience.”  The emphasis on the “liveness” of the audience is intriguing.  Would … Continue reading

Gender Equality Today: Dramatically Improved or Just Dramatic?

Gender Equality Today: Dramatically Improved or Just Dramatic? “The Battle of the Sexes” is as vexed a subject today as it was in the early modern period, when women were expected to be chaste, obedient, and silent and were subjected to the common law “rule of thumb.” When in 1660, the Restoration ruler Charles II … Continue reading

American Theatre, Young Americans, and “National” Theatre Identity

American Theatre, Young Americans, and “National” Theatre Identity Elizabeth Vincentelli, theatre critic for the New York Post, has also joined in the discussion that Isaac Butler’s got going at the Parabasis blog.  In her post, “The Young and the Restless,” she addresses the oft-heard concern about how to get more (pre-)pubescent patriots to go see … Continue reading

Critic as Artist or Critic vs. Artist

Critic as Artist or Critic vs. Artist Is theatre criticism a learned craft , an organic art form, or both? Put differently, are artists themselves not critics of sorts? And, are critics not also artists in their own right? One need look no further than the writings of G.B. Shaw and Oscar Wilde for historical … Continue reading

Critics, Bloggers, and Critical Mass

Critics, Bloggers, and Critical Mass There is an interesting conversation going on over at the Parabasis blog about what it means to be a “critic” in a new and denser climate of critique, namely, one that now includes the blossoming theatre blogosphere.  After reading Isaac’s posts and the comments they’ve elicited, I’ve come to one … Continue reading

The Naked Stage’s 24-Hour Theatre Project 2009 at The Miracle Theatre

The Naked Stage’s 24-Hour Theatre Project 2009 at The Miracle Theatre Last night, at the historic Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables, FL, I had the pleasure of seeing 8 brand spanking new short plays that didn’t exist 24 hours earlier.  The event, which officially kicked off the South Florida Theatre Festival, was, honestly, every bit … Continue reading

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