Stop, or I’ll – – – – t!

“Stop, or I’ll – – – – t” Two five-letter words have surfaced frequently in the past week as the divisive debates over Twitter and gun violence have continued to mount: shoot and tweet. Eric Etheridge’s 4/29 NYT article “All Twittered Out?” surveys the mixed feelings that Twitter continues to evoke and suggests reasons why … Continue reading

Happy 445th Birthday Will!

Happy 445th Birthday Will! Today, April 23rd, is both the anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth in 1564 and his death in 1616.  In his 52 years of life ( a ripe age then, but not by today’s standards), he wrote more than 37 plays (38, if you count Henry VIII) and 154 sonnets.  Some scholars contend … Continue reading

Maureen Dowd Reluctant to Use Twitter: This could be something to Tweet about!

“Maureen Dowd Reluctant to Use Twitter: This could be something to Tweet about” I have a love/hate relationship with the NYT Op-Ed columnist Maureen Dowd.   Throughout the presidential campaign, I read with bitterness her pieces on Hillary and Sarah, for her voice was scarily anti-feminist, the most loathsome type of all, that of a … Continue reading

Cleopatra: (Drama) Queen

  Cleopatra: (Drama) Queen     BBC reports that near a tomb west of Alexandria, a team of archeologists recently found 10 mummies, a bust of Cleopatra, coins bearing her image, and a mask thought to have been Antony’s.  These discoveries have led experts to suspect that the lovers may be buried nearby; three hopeful … Continue reading

“Two More Reasons Why the World Still Needs Feminists”

“Two More Reasons Why the World Still Needs Feminists” Last week three Taliban members in Pakistan publicly flogged a teenage girl while she cried out in pain. Yesterday approximately 300 brave Afghan women gathered in Kabul to protest a deeply misogynistic bill that was recently passed by both houses of Parliament and signed by President Karzai (it will … Continue reading

To Ban or not to Ban Firearms?

To Ban or Not to Ban Firearms?   Until recently, I have never given much thought to guns.  As a matter of fact, if someone had asked me to play a word association game using the word “gun,” I would probably have mentioned the refrain from A Christmas Story, “You’ll shoot your eye out.”  Or, … Continue reading

“(Random) Acts of (Non) Violence”

  “(Random) Acts of (Non) Violence”   In tragic works of literature, characters die, obviously.  We know to expect substantial death toll, for example, when we read Hamlet, in which 8 die; Othello, in which 5 die; Macbeth, in which 7 die; and King Lear, in which 10 die (11 if you count Lear’s fool).  … Continue reading

“Me, A Feminist? No Way!”: Herein lies the problem.

“Me, A Feminist? No Way!”: Herein lies the problem. When I broach discussion of feminist texts with my Rhetoric and Composition students (many of whom are freshmen), I like to ask who in the class considers themselves a feminist.  Semester after semester, the question garners the same response: nary a hand is raised, and this … Continue reading

Mama Drama: The Milk of Human Whininess?

Mama Drama: The Milk of Human Whininess? Whether you are male or female, a parent or childless, Lady Macbeth’s scathing commentary on womanhood, particularly maternal nursing and women’s perceived predilection to nurturing, is certain to leave an impression. In her attempt to spur her spouse to murder, she insults Macbeth’s masculinity by proclaiming him surfeit … Continue reading

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