Let’s Talk about Titus Andronicus

I’ve just finished reading for the first time Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare’s first tragedy and one of his earliest plays–scholars date its composition to circa 1589-1592, and the first Quarto version of it was printed in 1594.  The play’s style is very much in keeping with a subgenre of plays popular in the 1580’s, known as … Continue reading

What does contemporary metadrama tell us about contemporary theatre?

In a post few weeks back, readers helped me compile a list of contemporary plays that can be considered metadramatic or metatheatrical.  I’d like to pick this topic up again and ask you to think about this post’s title question. What does contemporary metadrama tell us about contemporary theatre? Now, I recognize that it’s sometimes … Continue reading

Spring Forward, Link Back

Thanks to Nick Mwaluko for bringing to my attention Desmond Tutu’s moving article about the situation in Uganda  from Friday’s Washington Post. Given this blog’s interest in the history of metadrama, here are some reviews of Bill Cain’s play about Shakespeare, entitled Equivocation, by way of StageGrade. By way of The Wicked Stage blog, a video musing … Continue reading

Aphra in Antwerp

Very shortly I will be picking up where I left off before the holidays with reading the complete plays of Aphra Behn, the wonderfully witty Restoration dramatist whose contemporary recuperation began with Virginia Woolf’s praise of her financial success as a playwright in chapter four of A Room of One’s Own (1929). Please do join … Continue reading

Metatheatre in the 21st Century

Metatheatre in the 21st Century In his 1963 work Metatheatre: A New View of Dramatic Form, Lionel Abel coined the terms “metaplay” or “metatheatre” to classify plays with a philosophic self-consciousness, plays that depict life as “already theatricalized” with characters “aware of their own theatricality.”  As his study and others since have pointed out, this … Continue reading

Aphra Behn’s The Amorous Prince, Or, The Curious Husband. A Comedy.

The Amorous Prince, Or, The Curious Husband. A Comedy. By Aphra Behn. 2 down. 16 to go. Join me in reading the 18 plays of Aphra Behn (1640-1689). If you don’t know who she is, click here for a biographical overview. Click here for information on the Aphra Behn Society. Aphra in Duffy’s Or More than … Continue reading

Take Drama, Daily’s First Official Poll: “Queen, King, Drag Queen, Drag King, Drama Queen”

As a preface to this, Drama, Daily’s First Official Poll, I would like to reiterate and add to some points made in my very first post about drama terms, their etymology, and the on- and off- stage performance of gender roles. In ancient Greece, the verb infinitive theatre meant to behold.  A theatrum was a … Continue reading

Cleopatra: (Drama) Queen

  Cleopatra: (Drama) Queen     BBC reports that near a tomb west of Alexandria, a team of archeologists recently found 10 mummies, a bust of Cleopatra, coins bearing her image, and a mask thought to have been Antony’s.  These discoveries have led experts to suspect that the lovers may be buried nearby; three hopeful … Continue reading

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