“Originality” in Pop Music vs. Plays: Madonna, Gaga, & Ludlam

If my blog were a plant (especially in this summer heat), it would be dead by now. So here’s a diluted, but not deluded, post to end the drought. This morning while searching youtube for footage of Madonna singing “Like it or not,” I came across the clip below in which someone has juxtaposed clips … Continue reading

Metacriticism: Making Lemonade Out of A Lemon Review

What do you do with a negative review? ┬áBurn it? Ignore it? Paper the critic’s house? (Don’t worry, I’m not going to do this.) Get creative with captions?: “Read what the critics are not saying about…” It is never easy to be on the receiving end of a negative review. ┬áTrust me, I know firsthand. … Continue reading

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