From Mancakes to Man-eroles: The Dramatic Efforts of Gender Marketing

Once again, the intersections of gender, food preferences, and food marketing take center stage.  Ugh. Back in November, I posted on “Man-eroles (Man Casseroles).”  Today, Schott’s Vocab, a NYT column, discusses the recent masculinization of gourmet cupcakes, or “Mancakes.” On women playwrights Also, check out this and this from the London’s Telegraph about what David … Continue reading

From Valley of the Dolls to Valley of the Vino, Ugh

Too many times now I have gone grocery shopping and seen bottles of wine like the ones below, and each time I have felt increasingly irritated by them.  Don’t get me wrong. I like wine.  And I like breaks from my 3 year old.  I also like to think that I have a sense of … Continue reading

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