Deadly Dramatist & Pugnacious Poet: Ben Jonson

In spite of the fact that in modern times Ben Jonson has been overshadowed by Shakespeare, Jonson enjoyed tremendous success as a writer in his own era.  He rather quickly worked his way from bricklayer to soldier to actor to author with a royal pension.  In fact, many identify Jonson as England’s 1st poet laureate, though … Continue reading

Shelagh Delaney’s “A Taste of Honey”

British playwright Shelagh Delaney was just 18 in 1956 when she wrote A Taste of Honey, a play about a tenacious working class teenager, Josephine (Jo for short),  who drops out of school, finds work, and moves out on her own after her self-involved, gold-digging mother, Helen, abandons her (again) for a gent named Peter. … Continue reading

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