An Interview w/ Michael Leeds & April Shakespeare Event

Posting on Drama, Daily has been all too light lately, but my theatre-related work has been anything but that! In this post, I draw your attention to two links: A director-to-director interview series that I’ve just kicked off at the 2amt site.  South Florida director Michael Leeds is the first director profiled. and… Thinking Cap … Continue reading

S/HE Remount at Black Queer Arts Festival: This Sunday, February 27th

Don’t miss Thinking Cap’s remount of S/HE by Nick Mwaluko this coming Sunday, February 27th, 5pm at The Pride Center in Fort Lauderdale (2040 N. Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors, FL 33305). The event is free to the public. S/HE is about the journey of a man living in a woman’s body that compels audiences to … Continue reading

You’re in the Profession, but Are You a ‘Professional’?

The post below is cross-posted at 2am Theatre. You’re in the profession, but are you a ‘professional’? I like to read mission statements.  In particular, I find it interesting to compare how a company self-identifies against what kind of work it programs.  Just recently, however, while reading the mission, vision, and plans of Fusion Theatre … Continue reading

A Tuesday Treasure, A Tune, and More

As writing and other deadlines loom, I find myself all too easily distracted today.  With a 2AMt post to finish, a review to write, youth drama workshop planning to further flesh out, a prospectus to draft, and a theatre season to plan, here I sit tweeting, youtubing, and blogging. I need to put myself in … Continue reading

Black Swan, Reviews, and Reading Habits

Warning: Spoiler Alert This is not a post about reviews per se, but about when we read them–that is before or after the event.  Today I had a very pure movie experience.  I saw Black Swan without having read anything about it beforehand, and for that I am grateful.  I knew the film starred Natalie … Continue reading

Youth, Death, and Drama

Youth and death are two words we never want to see joined together, but all too often they are, evoking terms we commonly associate with art–dramatic, tragic. The shooting death of 9-year old Christina Green (and five other innocent bystanders) yesterday at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ public speaking event in Tucson, AZ drives home this fact. … Continue reading

Books, Covers, Bodies, and Clothes

In spite of the ubiquity of the old adage about not judging books by their covers, too many people continue to see and assess the world and its infinitely diverse inhabitants as mere surfaces.  This shallow means of perception lies at the source of bigotry and prejudice, racism and sexism, homophobia and transphobia.  While many … Continue reading

Thinking Cap’s New Home on the Web

We still have some refining to do, but our company’s home on the web is up and running.  Take a look:

Shakespeare & Spenser Told Us Long Ago Life’s a Beach

Critical guides to complex literary works can be great resources, doing the dirty work of identifying themes and trends for us.  It can be arguably more rewarding, however, to make connections on our own.  Even if they’re as simple as the one I made a few weeks back (and have been meaning to share) between … Continue reading

Let’s Talk about Titus Andronicus

I’ve just finished reading for the first time Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare’s first tragedy and one of his earliest plays–scholars date its composition to circa 1589-1592, and the first Quarto version of it was printed in 1594.  The play’s style is very much in keeping with a subgenre of plays popular in the 1580’s, known as … Continue reading

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