A Tuesday Treasure, A Tune, and More

As writing and other deadlines loom, I find myself all too easily distracted today.  With a 2AMt post to finish, a review to write, youth drama workshop planning to further flesh out, a prospectus to draft, and a theatre season to plan, here I sit tweeting, youtubing, and blogging. I need to put myself in … Continue reading

Youth, Death, and Drama

Youth and death are two words we never want to see joined together, but all too often they are, evoking terms we commonly associate with art–dramatic, tragic. The shooting death of 9-year old Christina Green (and five other innocent bystanders) yesterday at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ public speaking event in Tucson, AZ drives home this fact. … Continue reading

Books, Covers, Bodies, and Clothes

In spite of the ubiquity of the old adage about not judging books by their covers, too many people continue to see and assess the world and its infinitely diverse inhabitants as mere surfaces.  This shallow means of perception lies at the source of bigotry and prejudice, racism and sexism, homophobia and transphobia.  While many … Continue reading

Charles Bukowski, “It’s Ours”

Thanks, Charles.  I needed this today. It’s Ours there is always that space there just before they get to us that space that fine relaxer the breather while say flopping on a bed thinking of nothing or say pouring a glass of water from the spigot while entranced by nothing that gentle pure space it’s … Continue reading

Dramatic New Book Titles

I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of gal, never really been one for moderation, so it’s no surprise the book covers below caught my eye at Border’s this morning. Do these titles give us insight into the 21st century human condition or just insight into 21st century (book) marketing? Or some combination of … Continue reading

Is “trannie” a “four-letter word”?

Don’t worry, I can count–yes, trannie is literally a seven-letter word.  But is it also, more figuratively, a “four-letter” word, a word with the profanity-level of the “F-word” or the history and toxicity of the “N-word”? Since Christian Siriano’s repeated use  of the word “trannie” on Project Runway and SNL’s subsequent parodies of him and … Continue reading

Can you spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r?

I’m no saint when it comes to creating pristine prose–avoiding misspellings, typos, and grammatical inaccuracies, but I do try.  I feel like such an OLD young fart for writing about this topic, but in the past few weeks, I’ve encountered so many writing errors (many in professional correspondence) that I just can’t resist. The final … Continue reading

Blanche DuBois’ Sober View on Death

I have written several times here on Drama, Daily about my sister’s cancer battle, in-home hospice experience, and eventual death in October 2008 and about how deeply it all has affected me–not from just the obvious standpoint of mourning her death, but also from the standpoint of growing up, accepting life on life’s terms, confronting … Continue reading

Dramatic Easter Egg Hunt

A photo recap of this morning’s Dramatic Easter Egg Hunt: Squirrel nabs egg and flees. Squirrel extracts loot and discards shell.

Transman Comedian Ian Harvie in Melbourne, Australia

While I was in Los Angeles this past week, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Ian Harvie, a transman comedian based in Los Angeles.  Ian started doing standup almost a decade ago after relocating to LA from Portland, Maine.  Margaret Cho recognized his talent early on, and he began opening for her several … Continue reading

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