A Tuesday Treasure, A Tune, and More

As writing and other deadlines loom, I find myself all too easily distracted today.  With a 2AMt post to finish, a review to write, youth drama workshop planning to further flesh out, a prospectus to draft, and a theatre season to plan, here I sit tweeting, youtubing, and blogging.

I need to put myself in time out!

But at least my diversions are ‘theatreish’ in subject matter?

I’m trying to enjoy being in this moment of procrastination while also being productive about it.  I’m even setting some more goals.  I’m going to (try to) run 100 miles this month.  I’m also going to (try to) read 100 plays in 100-ish days.  I’ll post about them here; feel free to join me or make recommendations.  Now, if I can just start checking things off this ever-growing list.

Here’s a Tuesday Treasure for you:  For Christmas I got the FAME television series boxset, which I am swiftly and joyfully working my way through.  Many episodes I had never seen until now.  Imagine my excitement when I got to the season 1 episode called “The Strike.” What a treasure!  In this episode, the students are faced with the task of putting up a modern musical version of Othello.  None other than Leroy plays the title role!  The casting of Desdemona almost results in a cat fight between Coco and Julie because the latter (rather conventionally) is cast in the role.  Coco would have been more interesting. Anyway, please enjoy, and you’re welcome!

And here’s a Tune:  While I’m taking us back to 1982, I’ll share with you  this video, “Any Which Way” by the Scissor Sisters, which only intensifies my wish that I could go back about 3o years in time and go out dancing all night.

Have a terrific Tuesday!



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